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The Future of Fashion: Download File and Print

by:Lxshow     2020-02-23
The only time I made my own clothes was in the eighth grade of home economics.
The whole class had to make jam, loose shorts in bright colors that made everyone instantly feel like a surfer.
The pattern was provided but we had to go to the fabric store to pick our own materials and lines to match.
We learned the mechanical principle of the sewing machine, how to thread it, and then went away.
In the twenty years since then, the sewing machine has not changed much.
They built it now.
But in computers, the fundamental purpose of sewing cloth together with lines is the same.
What changed was how we used new technologies such as 3D printers, micro-controllers and advanced materials, and electronic technology.
Textiles breathe new life into the way we think and create fashion, and then share and mix immediately. E-
Textiles have been around for centuries (
Think metal wire)
But now the computer has become the size of chewing gum, the price is reasonable, easy to program, and new 3D printers are on the market every day. fashion technology is becoming popular and becoming more and more popular.
The project is to play t-on LED lights from amateurs-
Shirts for more complex and integrated consumers
Help you manage healthy wearable devices.
As one of the pioneers of wearable technology, Steve Mann defined it as 3D-in January-printed \'tech-
The sofa dress appeared at Paris Fashion Week. One of the hi-
Tech apparel was launched by Dutch fashion designer Iris Van Herpen in collaboration with Neri Oxman, a media lab professor at MIT.
Oxman designed a second skin with advanced materials and highend 3D Printer.
She explained the work: shapeway recently launched a 3D printed gown, a service that prints custom 3D pieces for you.
Queen Burlesque Dita Von Teese models this nylon printed dress.
Design your fashion work and send the file to the shape and they will ship your work to you.
The Shapeway website has a full category dedicated to fashion, mainly made up of accessories, but once the designer figure out how to stitch all the parts together, we should see more and more clothing.
Printed clothing is a research result from Microsoft, which is basically a screen that allows you to text your ideas to everyone to read.
It is made of black and white rice paper and is laser sewn on the corsetcut buttons.
It comes with a laptop, a projector and four circuit boards.
Many fashion tech designers are exploring the connection between fashion, technology and our social and physical environment.
Jennifer Darmour recently said on SXSW talk wearables: \"There is a paradigm shift in the next interactive frontier, where technology interacts with us, not with technology.
Fashion designer Anouk Wiprecht creates advanced technology;
Systems around the body tend to be artificial intelligence;
Her design is projected as a \"host\" system on the human body, moving, breathing and responding to the surrounding environment.
Her work has been worn by people like Fergie and Britney Tuss.
You will rarely find a fashion designer who can code and make good solder joints, but we will see more collaboration between fashion designers and computer engineers.
With more and more senior fashion designers incorporating wearable technology into their series, supermodels will be the next --
When they walk on the runway, fashion technology innovation.
The laser cutting machine has been in existence for decades, but now it is more affordable and is the main product of hacker/maker space.
Recently we purchased a laser cutter for LA Makerspace and made exciting discoveries --
We can etching designs on tightly woven fabrics.
I \'ve been thinking about how to embroider a logo on a towel and that\'s when we come across this option.
I can use simple programs like Microsoft Word to create designs or phrases, put towels into the laser cutter, change some printer driver settings, within a few minutes, the text on the screen is engraved on the fabric.
This is an incredible authorization for someone who is not a designer or has no embroidery skills.
Perhaps even more exciting is to put all the scissors together and cut the pattern directly onto the fabric with a laser cutter.
According to finishing \". . . [a laser cutter]
Provide you with strong consistency and control.
In addition, the laser cutting material can cut the edges perfectly to prevent the fabric from falling off.
\"The days of unplugging the hair to replace the missing button are over, because now you can just take a picture for the one left button, scan it, and print a new button.
SXSW has just announced that Makerbot will release a new Digitizer Desktop 3D scanner that will allow you to copy objects and then print them.
This is almost Star Trek: The Next Generation of replicators, except (unfortunately)
It does not rearrange the economic particles.
Programmers are becoming fashion designers, and fashion designers are enhancing their costumes in a programmed way.
I can\'t paint to save my life, but what I can do is download a design created by someone with design skills and configure as many 3D printers as possible to get the perfect print effect, and click \"run\" like the elastic bracelet I downloaded from Thingiverse for free. Traditional e-
Textiles and sewing machines will appear in the coming period, but a whole new fashion concept is emerging due to the technology of practical or purely aesthetic purpose.
Whether it\'s a professional designer or a fashion-loving designer, it\'s easy to incorporate technological advances into their work, even
Designers like me can take the jam I made 20 years ago and program them from bright colors to more tolerable subtle shades by pressing the button.
If you want to immerse yourself in the world of wearable technology and e-commerce
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