The design of a full-automatic fiber laser cutting machine for desktop rectangular coordinate system

by:Lxshow     2021-05-22

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine uses a laser beam to mark the surface of various substances. The standard effect is to use the surface substance to evaporate to expose the deep substance, and then to depict exquisite text and patterns. The current automatic fiber Laser cutting machines have a wide range of applications in electrical appliances, tool accessories, jewelry, precision instruments and other fields.

In the late 1950s, there was a great invention, that is, the birth of laser. After the birth of laser, it has brought major breakthroughs in the development of related industries, especially in recent years. Laser technology is widely used in China's medical field, light industry, heavy industry and manufacturing industry. According to specific applications and theoretical research, laser technology can be divided into two types, namely laser manufacturing technology and laser application technology. There is also laser cutting technology, also known as laser coding technology, that is, the production of related signs on the surface of the product, common ones include the manufacturing date, manufacturer, shelf life and contact number, etc., before the emergence of laser compliance technology, ink compliance technology was widely used , But the speed of ink reaching the standard is slow, the efficiency is low, the mark is not clear, and there are pollution problems. After the emergence of laser cutting technology, it has almost replaced the traditional ink marking and improved the marking efficiency. The laser engraving plate is to ablate and engrave the corresponding characters, patterns and patterns on the surface of the wide roller and the light plate according to the pattern through the thermal effect of the laser beam. Compared with the traditional knife engraving and electronic printing plate, laser engraving has certain advantages. The advantage of this, such as idealized patterns can be carved on flexible rollers such as rubber and ceramics, which is difficult to achieve by traditional knife engraving and electric engraving, and the number of lines is between 80-600.

Secondly, the laser engraving plate has a higher Kyoto, and the order can be slightly modified to print on the machine. The laser engraving system can avoid direct contact with the engraving to avoid laser engraving. The head is worn out, and it has good printing dot performance. Thirdly, the speed of laser engraving is relatively fast, and it is automatically controlled by computer technology, and the engraving speed is 0.6-0.6 square meters/h. When engraving some high-quality drawings on the rubber plate, it can reach 1500 square inches per hour. At the same time, laser engraving has a higher printing durability, and its service life is much longer than that of electric engraving and knife engraving. In the process of laser engraving printing plate, a variety of inks can be used for printing, such as glycol inks, water-based inks, hydrocarbon inks, etc. The inks dry quickly, and there is no ink bleeding or ink smearing. In the use of laser engraving printing plates, especially in the printing roller, the structure of the printing machine is simplified, and the loss of ink and paper is reduced during the printing process. It is an important foundation for the transformation of related technologies and equipment in the printing industry. There are unique advantages in version manufacturing, which promotes laser engraving technology.

The transmission platform of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine uses electrical transmission, computer control and sensor technology to improve the automation level of manufacturing equipment, completes advanced process information and manufacturing processes, and adopts The marking method uses laser to engrave various characters, patterns and symbols, etc., which has the function of marking the product, which is conducive to the tracking and anti-counterfeiting of the product quality. The machine transmission scheme laboratory is mainly designed according to the principle of machine composition, which is convenient for the layout of various parts and mechanisms. Two vertical planes are used to install the transmission part, and the vertical matching surface is used to assemble the executive components. The kinematic machine can be configured on multiple vertical planes, so that each plane can be connected by a transmission shaft, and the transmission can be realized on a horizontal platform.

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