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The demand for Non invasive laser lipo machines

by:Lxshow     2020-07-27

Let's look at the Zerona, Strawberry, -lipo, and Lumislim.

Before we do let's just establish some irrefutable facts. All of these machines work on exactly the same principle and if they did not operate on the same laser frequency they could not work. It's that simple. So if one salesman tells you his machine works better because.......he may not be telling the truth. There is n o moving away from the science to suit a sales pitch. They are all as good as each other when it comes to fat reduction.

So, if that's the case what are the considerations to bear in mind when buying such a machine ? Well, cost is one, but also payback. Again, forget the sales spiel, if you pay good money for such a machine there is a point where payback happens and the future is clear profit. Now a sensible business person wants a clear, visible quick return on investment, and so they should. When working out an ROI you need to consider your treatment price, which is determined by the machine cost. A highly priced machine means higher treatment costs, or a distant ROI. You could lower your price to attract more custom or compete with businesses who are paying less for their equipment, but your ROI then disappears into the distant future.

Here's a table of costs and payback.

Machine Cost USD Cost GBP ROI

Zerona 79,000 49,000 7-10 years

Strawberry 31,900 20,000 2-3 years

I-lipo 16,000 10,000 1 year

Lumislim 9,500 5,999 2-4 months

This comparison table assumes that the clinic charges lower prices based on the cost of Lumislim.

Here's another table using the assumption that the clinic charge higher prices for treatment to recover the cost of the Zerona machine

Machine Cost USD Cost GBP ROI

Zerona 79,000 49,000 4 -5 years

Strawberry 31,900 20,000 1-2 years

I-lipo 16,000 10,000 3-4 months

Lumislim 9,500 5,999 2-3 days

All the way along, its Lumislim that comes out top and if you are wondering why, here's the answer.

Zerona and Strawberry are mostly 'One trick ponies'. What that means is they have only 1 machine in their portfolio and as such their whole marketing budget, cost of infrastructure, engineer salesman, cars, commissions etc is added to the cost of selling the product. This is basic business 101. If yur cost base is super high, so is the price of what you sell.

Chronogenix on the other had, have a bigger range of specialist machines and are able to spread their costs across several product ranges, meaning more sensible pricing for quality products.

Crystal Medical, who sell Lumislim have more than 2000 products in their inventory, and this is set to grow substantially. They don't employ salesman on high commissions, have very a very low cost base and as such the price of the machine is the most attractive and sensible.

The difference in terms of how the machines work is minimal, save for the Zerona, which is not really a sensible choice as it is completely inflexible and priced in the stratosphere.

Lumislim is set to become the market leader quickly as the uptake increases and larger volumes are sold. Close behind is the fantastic I-lipo and in distant 3rd place with the spider shaped Zerona is the Strawberry.

When looking for a non invasive laser lipo machine, make sure that you don't pay over the odds, it will take you so much longer to recoup your investment and may impede your ability to attract a wider client base.

Stephen Soos

Crystal Medical Ltd


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