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The dark side of the tattoo removal industry

by:Lxshow     2020-03-14
Some remote controls have not been trained in medical treatment.
Image: Damian ShawSource: Australians with limited tattoos in the news regret that their ink is at risk of permanent skin damage as laser tattoo removal teachers do not need medical training.
Tattoo removal is a thriving industry
There is no shortage of potential customers.
It is good news to be able to undo what was once considered irreversible without extreme measures.
According to the selection, the tool chosen these days is laser, which can and can already cause burns and permanent scars on patients who remove tattoos.
Some remote controls use medical devices
Sound and reliable guarantees such as \"certified laser doctor\" or \"certified clinician\", which usually means that they take courses offered by laser manufacturers, which are usually covered by liability insurance
But that doesn\'t mean they\'re good at getting tattoos removed.
In last September, Dr. Cathy Reid, then honorary secretary of the Australian Academy of Dermatology, raised concerns about the use of lasers by people lacking medical training and called for the establishment of a national regulatory regime.
This has not happened so far.
Since skin grafting, skin grafting or the use of infrared rays, much progress has been made in removing technology
Red and other nonmedical lasers.
The best practices of these days show that by using Q-
Set the Switch laser to a specific wavelength depending on the type of skin, the color and position of the tattoo.
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The laser is used in short pulses that break the ink;
The immune system then starts to work, removing scattered particles during many months and treatment (
For multi-color tattoos, up to 15 treatments, six to eight weeks apart).
Hillary Quinn, the owner of tattoo removal in Melbourne on the outskirts of Caulfield, who has been working in the industry for five years, said she saw some burns and scars, these patients came to see her after suffering from an unskilled detergent.
\"I took the laser safety course, but it was just the safe use of the laser, not the removal of the tattoo,\" Quinn said . \" MS.
\"This is the skill you gain over time and you need to approach it like an apprentice and build your technology under the guidance of an experienced makeup remover.
\"The industry is very prosperous, especially in the past six months or so, unskilled practitioners have far exceeded skilled practitioners.
I know a lot of people will
The person who went to the tattoo bought a cheap laser machine, started with little or no training, damaged some people and then left the industry.
\"Dr. Philip beecol, director of the laser department at the Royal Children\'s Hospital in Melbourne, supports Quinn\'s assessment.
\"In Victoria, your local butcher can do sideline work in laser tattoo removal, and before they develop any real skills, many of the removers leave scars on many patients.
In fact, the process is very slow, not very responsive to every color, and can be painful.
This is an invasive procedure with impairment, \"said Dr. Bekhor.
Both Dr. Bekhor and Quinn MS said that cheaper knock is widely used
Non-version of Q-
Switching the laser, or even worse, using the IPL laser, is the main reason for the failure of injury and tattoo removal.
Proper Q-no coincidence
The price of switching machines is about $150,000, while the price of the IPL laser is between $10,000 and $15,000.
Both said that the low cost of entering the industry in recent years, coupled with the long-standing lack of regulation in many jurisdictions, was a key reason for the significant increase in the number of tattoo removal workers.
The problem, according to Dr. Bekhor, is that \"the working time of the IPL laser is milliseconds, not milliseconds, and the wavelength is too wide.
They are in the market as a whole.
Special machines including tattoo removal, but should not be used for this purpose.
They often cause distortion of tattoos and terrible burns and scars.
Ms. Quinn made the same point.
\"Right now, every second it seems like a beautician is removing a tattoo with an IPL laser.
It should not be used for this.
It emits about two to 6 cm light instead of five to 8mm bullet holes of Q-Switching laser
It\'s like smashing eggs with a machine.
\"The article was originally published in the journal selection this month.
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