The combination technology of laser cutting machine oil recovery and tertiary oil recovery and its progress

by:Lxshow     2021-05-21

Various fields of society are developing rapidly, so the demand for oil resources is also increasing, and the reservoirs distributed by my country's oil resources are too scattered, and the permeability is poor, which seriously affects the efficiency of extraction . In response to this problem, it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of secondary and tertiary oil recovery technologies, and to combine these two technologies to select oil-displacing agents with better performance, which can effectively increase the oil production rate and meet the market’s demand for oil resources. Demand can also promote the further development of our country’s economy. This issue is discussed in detail in the article. Petroleum is an important resource that is indispensable in the development process of the chemical industry. It can also be used for power generation. Therefore, it plays an important role in the normal operation of various industries in the society. It is also an indispensable resource in the industrial society. The quality of life is closely related to the level of economic development in my country. Therefore, it is necessary to use better-performing oil extraction technology to continuously improve the oil production rate. This requires the integration of secondary and tertiary technologies to give full play to their respective advantages. The problem was analyzed in detail.

1. Overview

Secondary oil recovery refers to the infusion of water or gas into the oil layer, the purpose of which is to promote the oil layer to obtain more energy. The main point of the application of this technology is whether it can fully adjust the profile and whether the construction of the plugging agent system is reasonable. As long as these two points are well grasped, the mining efficiency can be improved. Tertiary oil recovery refers to the improvement of oil reservoir performance through chemical substances such as alkaline water or hydrocarbons [1], which can further increase the recovery rate. The main point of the application of this technology is whether the proportion of oil displacing agents is reasonable. Both of these two mining technologies have their own advantages and are currently widely used in oilfield companies.

Second, combined technology

Currently, the demand for oil in various fields of society continues to increase. Under this situation, there is a problem of over-exploitation of resources, and the application of mining technology Too much limitation has caused the problem of insufficient supply to become more prominent. Under this situation, it is necessary to combine the secondary and tertiary extraction technologies to comprehensively improve the extraction efficiency of oil resources and meet market demand.

(1) Full profile control technology

The application of profile control and water shutoff technology is more common, which can fully control the reservoir based on the pressure index. The technology can be divided into two operations. It is profile control, which can complete high permeability treatment by water injection, which plays an important role in improving the water absorption profile [2]. The second is water shutoff, which can complete high permeability treatment in oil wells, thereby reducing the water production of oil wells to a minimum. In addition, whether the profile control is sufficient is closely related to the oil recovery efficiency, so it needs to be adjusted by the change of the water injection pressure and the pressure drop fullness. If the pressure value increases significantly in a short time, it indicates that the profile control effect is better. At the same time, if the value of fullness is higher than 0.75 and lower than 0.95, it indicates that the sufficiency of profile control is up to standard. In addition, the construction of the plugging agent system is mainly based on the single-liquid method, which is mainly aimed at the near-wellbore zone. Its characteristic is that the shape cannot be changed. It is a kind of sawdust-like particles whose function is to increase the water injection pressure. For the part of the far well, the dual-liquid method is required, and its function is to increase the fullness value. Therefore, these two different plugging agent systems are respectively aimed at the two parameters of water pressure and fullness. If you want to change the values u200bu200bof these two parameters at the same time, you must choose a compounding agent with better performance.

(2) Limited tertiary oil recovery

The tertiary oil recovery tool laser cutting machine has many advantages, and it is most commonly used in oilfield enterprises, mainly driven by chemistry, microorganisms, etc. Power technology to achieve. Limitation refers to the introduction of oil-displacing agent into the oil well after the end of the profile control treatment, so that the ratio between input and output can be adjusted and the oil recovery rate can be effectively improved. When applying this technology, it is necessary to select oil-displacing agents with better performance, and construct a composition system based on active agents and other substances and analyze them. At the same time, it is necessary to repeatedly adjust the formula and conduct tests, and judge whether the oil recovery rate has improved based on this. On this basis, the drawing of the triangular phase diagram should be completed, and the recovery value should be deleted [3]. In view of the current application situation, this technology can not only increase the oil recovery rate, but also is safer, which is very important for oil and gas exploitation with a high risk factor. However, research in this area should be strengthened to continuously reduce the water content of crude oil. , To make the performance of the technology more perfect.

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