Techniques for improving processing accuracy of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-26

The accuracy of a fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine is an important factor in weighing the benefits of a fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine. The four rough elements that affect the accuracy of a fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine are different. The processing size deviation is in the application of the fully automatic fiber laser. The obstacle that the cutting machine often encounters when processing, this obstacle not only affects the manufacturing compliance, but also increases the manufacturing cost. In fact, the accuracy of the metal automatic fiber laser cutting machine does not completely depend on the equipment itself, but is composed of many components.

On-site inspections of all levels of the hindrance tree are carried out to confirm that the laser and machine tools are not hindered. The process parameters are confirmed and the process parameters are changed to meet the usual cutting conditions. Therefore, the determination of the hindrance point is very obstructive. The tree is provided for the external optical path obstruction, check the external optical path cooling system and nitrogen, confirm that the cooling system and nitrogen pressure are not abnormal. Meet the usual cutting request. Therefore, it is determined that the obstructive point should be the laser focusing error, and the optical path is re-opened at the focusing lens Light attempt. Discover the signs of deviation in the light path, and try to light the spot. Therefore, it is concluded that the deviation of the laser light path caused the adjustment of the angle and position of the polarizer and the reflector of the outer light path. The adjusted light spot is now the workpiece after cutting. Burr. The quality of the cutting workpiece is satisfied with the cutting request. The use of CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machine hindrance diagram 'All the obstacles above the appearance of the cutting workpiece. The tree is constructed in code mode. Top affairs and codes: T cutting workpieces are very secondary affairs and codes. : G1 laser obstruction, G2 external optical path, G3 machine tool operation obstruction, G4 process parameter settings, and other codes containing trees. It can quickly locate various obstructions, find the obstructions and eliminate them. Improve equipment repair and compliance.< /p>

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine uses the obstacle tree description technique, and uses the CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machine as the description tool to determine 'the workpiece is very cutting' as the top task, linking the equipment layout characteristics and the obstacle repair history. Establish. The CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machine hinders the demonstration model, and the actual hindrance diagnosis case proves the usefulness of the hindrance demonstration model. The improvement of the CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machine repairs obeys the CNC automatic fiber laser cutting machine hinders the demonstration model to be able to connect to the future Obstacle repair cases. Further enrich its layout content, which can link the diagnostic skills with computer technology. Create an expert system. It is more useful to diagnose the obstacles of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting carbon steel small Handling techniques for overburning during hole cutting: In carbon steel cutting with oxygen as the help gas, the question is how to suppress the generation of oxidation feedback heat. It can be used to help oxygen during perforation, and to switch to help atmosphere or nitrogen after piercing. Cutting technique. This technique is very large and can process small holes in 1/6 thick plates.

The premise of pulse cutting with low frequency and peak output power has the characteristics of reducing heat output, which helps Optimization of cutting premises. Setting the premises to a pure pulsed laser beam, a high-energy peak output, and a low-frequency premise can effectively reduce the accumulation of molten metal on the surface of the material during the perforation process, and effectively suppress the heat output.

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine aluminum alloy and stainless steel cutting management skills: In this kind of material processing, the applied help gas is nitrogen, and there will be no burnt edges during cutting. However, because of the material inside the small hole The temperature is very high, and the signs of slagging on the inside will be relatively frequent.

The useful management technique of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is to increase the pressure of the help gas, and set the premise to the peak value output and low frequency. Impulse prerequisite. It helps the gas to be The same is true for the gas, it will not produce overburning, but it is easy to find dross at the bottom. It is necessary to configure the premise to a high help gas pressure, peak value output, and low frequency pulse premise.

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