Technical advantages of fiber laser cutting machine robot

by:Lxshow     2021-06-26

The technical advantages of fiber laser cutting machine fiber laser cutting robot, the cutting speed is fast, which is twice that of similar products. High cutting precision. The repeated positioning accuracy of the system is as high as ±100um. , Can cut small circles of 2mm in the 'mediumFourth. The optional manipulator with an arm length of 2.01m can not only achieve a hemispherical three-dimensional processing area with a diameter of 3m, but also a two-dimensional plane cutting of 3m×1.5m. Cutting trajectory, instead of manual teaching, simple and easy to use. (1) Advantages of the 3D cutting system. Fifth, offline programming software can be selected according to actual needs. It can read the digital model exported by 3D software such as UG and Solid Work. After modification Direct generation and cutting (2) The stable performance of IPG fiber laser and laser power laser can ensure the safety of the overall product quality. The optical fiber light collector has the advantages of large heat dissipation area, good beam quality, small size, etc., and has obvious advantages compared with bulky gas lasers and solid-state lasers.

The fiber laser cutting machine system generates a laser beam through multiple diodes, and then transmits it to the laser cutting head through a flexible fiber optic cable instead of transmitting the beam through a mirror. This has many advantages, first of all, the size of the cutting bed. In gas laser technology, the reflector must be set within a certain distance. Unlike this, fiber laser technology has no range limitation. Moreover, the fiber laser can even be installed next to the plasma cutting head of the plasma cutting bed. There is no such option for CO2 laser cutting technology. Similarly, when compared with equivalent gas cutting systems, the ability of the fiber to bend makes the system more compact. The most important and meaningful advantage of fiber cutting technology should be its energy efficiency. With the complete solid-state digital module and single design of the fiber laser, the fiber laser cutting system has a higher electro-optical conversion efficiency than carbon dioxide laser cutting.

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