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by:Lxshow     2021-05-23

There are thousands of things in the world, and nothing exists in stagnant water. my country's fiber laser cutting machine industry also makes exceptions. Either move forward or fall behind. How can we advance the development of this industry? This has become a question that fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers have been paying attention to.

Spicy, where are they moving forward? Update is the link!

The method of upgrading is to adopt the replacement of some parts, components or link components and link technologies, so as to achieve the goal of changing a unit, and make the fiber laser cutting machine machine equipment or manufacturing line manufacturing talents. , Performance, obedience, models and assembly methods have been updated. In this way, the overlapping use of large-scale components and unit parts not only achieves the cost of advanced equipment, but also saves raw materials and a large number of tasks, and lowers the cost.

China is a country where finished hardware products are manufactured and exported. Its production capacity accounts for more than 85% of the global finished hardware industry, while stainless steel finished products account for 60% of the total output. .Stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine is therefore more and more used by the voluminous hardware processing industry. Fully active stainless steel fiber laser cutting machine can completely deal with the problem of difficult and slow cutting of stainless steel pipes. It replaces the existing grinding wheel. And cutting, but also indirectly dealt with the serious question of the situation that the application of the grinder cutting becomes contaminated. At the same time, it has made a large number of manufacturing capital for the enterprise diligence and thrift, and at the same time guarded the situation.

The style of fiber laser cutting machine is becoming more and more diversified, which can be divided into: welded pipe unit online free flat cutting active cutting table, metal circular saw machine, metal fiber laser Cutting machine, fully active cutting machine, fully active fiber laser cutting machine, hydraulic fiber laser cutting machine, servo fiber laser cutting machine, semi-active fiber laser cutting machine, manual fiber laser cutting machine, stainless steel fiber laser Cutting machine, cutter fiber laser cutting machine, and burr-free fiber laser cutting machine are divided into: coat hanger tube fiber laser cutting machine, guardrail fiber laser cutting machine, stainless steel tube cutting machine, mop tube water Cutting machine, thick tube round tube fiber laser cutting machine, automobile exhaust pipe fiber laser cutting machine, grooved tube circular sawing machine, etc...

During the period, continue to learn from, and don't be overridden by the rapid period. It is imperative that the manual fiber laser cutting machine evolve into an active fiber laser cutting machine. Keep up with the measures during the period and move forward with the period. Fiber laser cutting machine, as an important machine in the metal cutting industry, is suitable for furniture, hardware, mobile equipment, medical equipment, electronics, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, baby carriages and other parts, air-conditioning pipe industry, decoration and other industries. Easy to operate, low noise, no dust, perfect codewords, no burrs on the outside and inside, etc., to deal with many headaches for customers. With the continuous advancement of people's survival materials and the continuous growth of demand, fiber laser cutting machines also follow the advancing beat, changing from manual fiber laser cutting machines to active fiber laser cutting machines. This is a gratifying thing.

Manual fiber laser cutting machine feeding, cutting, etc. all need to be completed manually. The large ground reduces the manufacturing compliance, and the foundation cannot meet the large demand for metal pipes in the pipe industry. The metal pipe cut out by hand was accidentally not known to the pipe factory. In accordance with the needs of customers, engineers continued to develop and develop innovations, and developed an active fiber laser cutting machine.

The active fiber laser cutting machine has the functions of active material clamping, knife feeding, feeding, size configuration, scheduled shutdown and work measurement. The active fiber laser cutting machine does not require manual operation at all, and it has higher mechatronics, and even one person can control multiple machines, reducing the staff. The total counter can count the maximum amount of work records. The total pressure, front, back, and pressure can be adjusted steplessly to ensure that the workpiece is not pinched and deformed. The active fiber laser cutting machine has the following characteristics:

◇ Good energy-saving results. Using the tool to twist, the pipe does not move, saving the energy required for pipe twisting.

◇ High obedience, low operating cost. It adopts the cutting method of multi-tools processing at the same time, the processing obedience is high, and the tool cost is less.

◇ High processing precision and low noise.

◇ High reliability, good accuracy retention, and convenient guarding.

◇ The control system adopts the field of industrial Ethernet-based action control, with a high level of automation, strong control efficiency, and complete automation of the manufacturing of steel pipe cutting processing.

These are the advances of fiber laser cutting machines, which confirm the advancement during the period, cutting metal pipes with high obedience, low cost, and large profit margins. The situation is trending. The cake gets bigger and bigger.


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