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taiwan exports us$987.94 m. in machine tools in 1st seven months.

by:Lxshow     2020-03-10
Taipei, Oct. 14, 2009 (CENS)--
Taiwan exports $987.
94 million of machine tools in the first seven months of this year, down 55. 7% year-on-
According to the Taiwan machine tool Foundation (TMTF)
Including metal
Cutting machine tools for a total of $660.
75 million, fell 57. 7% and metal-
A forming machine tool of $237.
18 million, down 47. 7%.
The total export volume of processing centers amounted to $259.
The first seven months of this year fell by 0. 628 billion, down 64. 2% year-on-
Years, and years of discharge machines and lasers
The cutting machine is $40.
0. 561 billion, fell 57. 1%.
The lathe was shipped to $504.
0. 305 billion, down 53. 4%. (See Table I)
China and Hong Kong took in $366, ranking first.
Taiwan worth 12 million yuan
Manufacturing machine tools in the first seven months of this year, down 45% year on yearon-
Accounted for 37.
1% per cent of total exports.
Second went to the United States. S. with US$85.
79 million, down 58%, command 8. 7%.
Germany ranked third with $50.
3 million, down 60.
1% and 5. 1%.
TMTF statistics also show that Taiwan imports $185.
In the first seven months of this year, the sales volume of machine tools was 14 million units, down 82 year on year.
Up 9% year on year, including metal
Cutting machine tools for a total of $149.
3 million, down 85. 4%, and metal-
Forming Machine tools totaling $36.
1 million, down 38. 8%.
Japan became Taiwan\'s largest supplier with $78 in sales.
In the first seven months, there were 2 million machine tools, down 88. 7% year-on-
Accounting for 42.
1% of total imports.
Germany came second at $29.
81 million, down 34.
8% and command 16. 1%.
Italy ranked third at $16.
27 million, suring 77.
7% and 8. 8%. TMTF CEO C. C.
Wang said there are many domestic machines
Orders from tool manufacturers and exporters from northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, the European Union and Latin America have fallen sharply.
He also said that Taiwanbased machine-
On 2009, tool manufacturers were hit by fluctuations in the exchange rate of local currencies against the US dollar, and the sharp depreciation of the won made the main competitors of the machine industry --
Prices of steel and cast iron remain high, with foreign orders falling sharply. ((BS))(M)
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