Strong laser technology of fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-06-29

Fiber laser cutting machine fiber communication has become the focus of the development of communication systems. Airborne, star-hub laser communication systems and submarine laser communication systems are also under research and development. Strong laser technology. Made with high-power lasers Tactical laser weapons can make people follow through and make photoelectric detectors ineffective. The use of high-energy laser beams may destroy aircraft, missiles, satellites and other military targets. Tactical laser weapons used for blindness, air defense, etc. are approaching the practical stage. The strategic laser weapons used for anti-satellite and anti-intercontinental ballistic missiles are still in the exploratory stage. Return to laser simulation training technology. Use digital light simulation equipment for military training and combat turbulence, without consuming ammunition, training safety, and the effect is realistic. Has developed and produced a multi-disciplinary laser simulation training system, which is widely used in shooting training and combat exercises of various weapons.

Fiber laser cutting machine In addition, important progress has been made in the research of laser shift fusion, laser separation Isotopes have entered the trial production stage, and laser fuzes and laser gyros have been practically applied. The technology uses the energy released when the laser beam black hits the surface of the metal sheet to melt the metal sheet and blow away the molten slag by the gas. The laser source is generally a carbon dioxide laser The working power is 300~5000 watts. The power level is lower than the power required by many household electric inhalers, but through the lens and mirror, the laser beam is concentrated in a small area. The high concentration of energy can Perform rapid partial heating to melt the metal sheet. In addition, because the amount of chillers dedicated to the cutting machine is very concentrated, only a small amount of heat is transferred to other parts of the metal sheet, causing little or no deformation. Use The laser can cut blanks of complex shapes very accurately, and the cut blanks do not need to be further processed. The laser cutting equipment can cut stainless steel below 16mm, and oxygen can be added to the laser to cut 8-10mm thick stainless steel. After oxygen cutting, a thin oxide film will be formed on the cut surface.

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