Stainless steel guardrail tube laser cutting-stainless steel laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-07-20

There are many types of guardrails, and the materials are mainly metal composite pipes such as stainless steel. The characteristics of corrosion resistance, rust resistance, beauty and sturdiness of stainless steel are widely used indoors and outdoors. The most used outdoor areas are highways, streets, municipalities, landscapes, green belts and other areas, while indoors are mostly used for family balconies, stairs, schools, hotels, entertainment venues, and so on.

The guardrail is composed of many square tubes or round tubes. The tube laser cutting machine can efficiently cut and perforate stainless steel and other metal tubes. On the one hand, it improves the processing efficiency and productivity, on the other hand, it also lays the foundation for the production of high-quality guardrails. Cao Yong's pipe cutting machine is used for processing, which greatly improves the processing quality.

In addition to the above two main advantages, the tube laser cutting machine has the following features:

Convenience: not For the constraints of the shape, you only need to program the software to input the shape that needs to be cut to achieve precise cutting. The operation is convenient and intelligent.

Flexible: Provide customers with personalized processing requirements quickly. The shape can be carefully changed through the software at any time, and the change will not affect the production process of the product.

Precision: The tube laser cutting machine adopts non-contact processing, and there is generally no material deformation during the cutting process.

Bystronic laser is a new generation of professional pipe cutting machine, which can cut metal pipes without being restricted by shape, realizing high quality and high efficiency cutting.

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