Stainless steel fabrication has become the most

by:Lxshow     2020-06-23
Fabrication of any stainless steel structure is carried out in three phases, i.e., designing the item as per requirement, planning and manufacturing of the finalized design. Stainless steel comes in various forms like rods, sheets, structural, etc. These are sorted depending on the application. Steel, an alloy predominantly composed of iron ore, chromium, nickel and silicon is formed by melting them in blast furnace and then cooling into desired shapes. They are then heat treated, cleaned, polished and shipped for utilization in diverse industrial and home applications. Good design and surface finish selection is very critical for the successful fabrication of stainless steel. Steel fabrication service providers offer metal fabrication services with the help of laser cutting technology for prototyping, small volume production as well as production line integration. This helps in overall cost saving and further helps in enhancing production efficiency as well as accuracy of finished products. By working in partnership with customers, they ensure that specific requirements are met within the desired budget, by creating satisfactory solutions to the problems. Most common fabrication processes include cutting, forming, welding and pickling or passivation to enhance resistance to corrosion. Use of CAD/CAM and CNC cutting on laser and plasma flatbeds to produce accurate blanks produce desired results with minimal tolerance. Multi axis press brakes are capable of forming complex components while adhering to the most stringent requirements. Assembly and welding is carried out by the experienced craftsmen to the highest standard. The finished product can also be painted or powder coated, as per the customer requirement. Stainless steel can be fabricated into any desired form with some skilled labour and meticulous planning. Steel fabrication process involves operations grinding, cutting, welding, bending, burning, drilling, punching and usually crafting various steel components per details described in the drawings. It is a systematic procedure and every step is imperative and indispensable.
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