Square tube clamping equipment for automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-15

The square tube clamping equipment of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including the tube length adjustment machine negotiation tube diameter adjustment mechanism, the tube length adjustment mechanism includes the top surface constant seat, the laser cutting rod, the slider, the slider, and the second slider Rod and square tube boom, the top surface does not change, the lower part of the seat does not change, there is continuous laser cutting rod perpendicular to the earth, the laser cutting rod continues to have sliders, and both sides of the slider are equipped with slider positioning holes for slider positioning The hole behavior continues to have a slide bar, and the slide bar is equipped with a slide bar positioning hole. The slide bar positioning hole continues to have a second slide bar. The second slide bar behavior continues on the top surface. The bottom of the seat is unchanged. The bottom of the seat is unchanged. Positioning hole. This new type of experience configuration pipe length adjustment machine negotiation pipe diameter adjustment mechanism satisfies the cutting of square pipes of different pipe diameters while satisfying the clamping and cutting of different square pipe lengths. The pipe clamp on the configuration slider can satisfy the manual pipe length adjustment. The production cost of equipment is greatly reduced.

The flattening assembly of sheet metal parts used for sheet metal processing automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including support frame, there is a base between the tops of the support frame, and the base is equipped with Four guide shafts, a top seat is provided between the tops of the four guide shafts, a movable seat is fitted between the four guide shafts, a rib column is inserted between the movable seat and the middle position of the top seat, and the lower end of the rib column is placed On the movable seat, the upper end of the ribbed column is the liberation end; the top surface of the top seat is provided with a gear box, and a gear pair is arranged inside the gear box. The gear pair is sleeved on the outer peripheral surface of the ribbed column, and the base is provided with a sliding plate. The adjusting board, the sliding adjusting board is provided with a supporting board, the supporting board is provided with a forming seat, the lower part of the moving seat is provided with a landing board, the lower part of the landing board is provided with a pressing seat, and the pressing seat is arranged directly above the forming seat. This discovery has experienced the pressing operation of the pressing seat on the sheet metal parts on the forming seat, and the flattening operation of the sheet metal parts can be carried out, which greatly improves the flattening operation compliance of the sheet metal parts.

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