Spindle alignment system is a measuring tool for

by:Lxshow     2020-07-27

The spindle alignment kit is used for aligning lathes, aligning drive shafts, adjusting bar-feeders, adjusting boring mills and aligning lathes. This Spindle alignment kit is a Microgage 2D system that helps to provide information when there is a misalignment in any machinery and other parameters that allow the correction of the misalignment and guide the machinery back to optimal alignment. It senses the centerline offset in the machinery, or whether it has run-out, it detects the bent in parallelism, the concentricity and other parameters.

The Spindle alignment kit includes a round laser that is attached to end of the spindle, a dual axis receiver, tool holder and piece of equipment that receives the laser beam. The laser and the receiver move relative to each other and the digital display provides the readings. The Spindle alignment kit operates on batteries.

Using the Spindle alignment kit in any production factory has its own advantages. Firstly aligning the machinery manually is very difficult and time consuming as the machinery needs to be run continuously till the manual operator is able to gauge the misalignment and what need to be aligned. Once that is identified the manual operator has to make adjustments accordingly and there is no guarantee that the correction will be done the first time. The manual operator needs to run the machine once again to check if the machinery has been aligned and if not how much more it needs to be aligned and once again start the process all over again. In this situation lot of raw material that is used for production is used and which is termed as scrap. The company loses on time, power and raw material in the manual aligning process.

The Spindle alignment kit which uses the laser technology has changed the whole task into one easy and effective task. The operator can once and for all identify the misalignment and adjust the machinery immediately to the precise alignment.

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