Small landing platform for fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-06-30

Small fiber laser cutting machine landing platform, including a bottom plate, the two sides of the bottom plate are symmetrically arranged with a splint 1 and a splint two, the splint one and the splint two are perpendicular to the bottom plate, and the splint one and A sliding rod one and a sliding rod two are arranged between the two splints, and a sleeve one is arranged on the sliding rod one and the two sliding rods, and a cylinder is arranged between the sleeve one, the The two ends of the cylinder run through the first division of the sleeve and the ends of the first and second landing rods remain unchanged. The other ends of the first and second landing rods are both continuously connected to the continuous rod, and the continuous rod The division of the two ends of one and the invariant block one and the invariant block two remain unchanged, and the invariant block one and the invariant block two are both invariantly continued with the side end of the splint three, and the splint three is arranged on the top plate The sides are perpendicular to the top plate. Favorable result: It can make the fiber laser cutting machine rise and fall.

Fiber laser cutting machine for easy placement of workpieces, including a body, one end of the body is equipped with a part-time table, both sides of the part-time table are equipped with moving plates, and the top of the moving plate is equipped with Guide rail, the inside of the guide rail continues to slide with a slider, the middle of the slider continues to roll with a torsion rod, one end of the torsion rod passes through the cavity and extends to the outside of the cavity, and one end of the torsion rod and the knob remain unchanged. There is a worm in the middle, the worm and the worm wheel are continuous, and the lead angle of the worm is less than the equivalent conflict angle between the meshing gear teeth. The worm wheel is placed at one end of the rolling rod, and the rolling rod and the slider continue to roll, and the rolling rod is different from the slider. One end of the cylinder is continuously rolling, and the bottom end of the cylinder is equipped with a pressure plate. This new type of application can use a variety of methods to hold the workpiece unchanged, which is convenient for the workpiece to be unchanged, and guarantees the accuracy and quality of laser cutting.

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