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by:Lxshow     2020-03-01

Laser Marking helps to increase the perceived value of the product, increase its marketable nature, and prevent copyright infringement.The advantage of laser marking machines is that the marks they produce are permanent in nature.If you want to know which two types of tags you should choose, please read on.Carbon dioxide laser systems are more common, so it is used for etching or engraving non-Metal materials such as acrylic, wood, glass, foil, plastic, leather, film, textile and stone.The unique feature of CO2 laser marking machine is that it can produce high quality and high efficiency beam;In this case, it is done by electrical stimulation of gas carbon dioxide.The ionization gas emits light that is focused into the laser beam, creating a permanent mark on the surface.Carbon dioxide marking is part of the pharmaceutical, alcohol, food packaging industry, integrated circuits and electronic components, electrical appliances, building materials, PVC pipes and mobile devices.They can be used to carve complex and refined logos, dates, designs and texts on the surface.Unlike the CO2 laser system, the fiber laser system uses solid-National electronic devices that generate beams of light.It is produced by the seed laser, and the seed laser produces a beam again.This beam strength is weak, but it is amplified by a series of fiberglass specially designed for this purpose.The fiber provides voltage through the pump diode, resulting in a fiber laser.The intensity of the fiber laser is higher, 100 times higher than the CO2 laser, and the focal diameter is also very small.Due to its high strength, they are used to engrave and etching the metal surface, including the coating and the uncoated surface, as well as higher contrast marks on the plastic.The low focal length makes the fiber laser accurate and fast;This enables the marking to be produced in a more granular and detailed manner.For these reasons, they are suitable for product identification and traceability, etching permanent numbers and barcodes on parts and parts, making graphics and 2D matrices on plastics, metals and ceramics.If you want a reliable, efficient and fast way to carve your product in order to identify, trace back or sell, in addition to the use of the fiber laser and the sign laser etching machine for CO2, look again.Both systems provide you with high quality engraving;The type of laser system depends on your specific requirements.With great precision and precision, you will be able to create the most complex, beautiful and attractive designs on your products.
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