shop-air key to efficient aluminum laser cutting: for a variety of reasons, including reflectivity, laser cutting of aluminum got a slow start, but it is catching up fast.

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Manufacturing Company(Hamilton. OH)
On a linear basis, thin sheet aluminum with an average of 3/4 pounds per year is treated at high speedmotor-
Drive to Cincinnati
707 laser cutting center.
Also, speed is only part of the story-
PMI also saves a lot of time in cleaning and cutting auxiliary gases by using Workshop air with specialized air conditioners.
Jim Napier, PMI president, said: \"We started thinking about laser cutting in our early 90 s, but the reflectivity of aluminum is a problem.
We also want to avoid the cost of cleaning with nitrogen. \" No Post-
The handling of the Cincinnati company shows that it can address both needs and provide state-of-the-
Napier sold the art processing speed.
Napier called the PMI a new high
Production sheet metal workshop.
\"We produce some steel, stainless steel and galvanized products, but 90% of our products are aluminum and most of them are in 0,\" he said.
020 \"through 0. 125\" range.
\"Installed on 2002, high
Speed Laser provides faster throughput in a lot of work-
Twice the processing speed of up to PMI 1000 stroke/min, turret press, plus no need for burrs or rear edge qualityprocessing.
PMI usually cuts aluminum to 800 ipm in CL-707.
\"We can run at speeds of 1100 and 1200, but the machine may actually exceed the operator,\" Napier said.
We adjust the machine speed to make it work comfortably for the operator and provide time for loading and part transfer.
\"In addition to bringing high throughput to PMI production, CL-
707 opens the door for new jobs and some opportunities for improvement.
\"Our customers want very small openings that our turret presses can\'t do,\" he notes . \".
\"The laser makes it faster and easier to make prototypes and customize work.
I don\'t need to empty everything or cut each part independently.
Usually, we can put everything on a piece of paper, put it on a laser, run all the parts and get them readyup and check-out.
\"PMI works with customers to redesign parts using the ability of the laser.
Napier notes, for example, that a customer has approved changes to rectangular pipe parts that require multiple cuts and processing steps. Instead.
PMI forms 3D parts from flat laser
Cutting blanks saves considerable cost.
We spent all our time fighting. -
\"By modifying the design and simplifying the machining, find a way to produce the parts for the customer at a lower cost,\" he said . \".
\"We have been looking for better ways. \" [
Slightly] Illustrations
Shops with conditions
Thin parts of air are almost completely cut with shopsair.
\"It saved us a fortune,\" Napier said . \"
In fact, the savings are key to the cost justification of purchasing managers\' index (PMI) buying the machine.
\"If we can\'t do it with air, we won\'t buy this machine,\" he said . \".
He estimated that PMI saved 65-
More than 70% of bottled gas is cleaned and cut by using store air.
Air pressure and usage will vary from material to material-
From 20-60 psi
Ga, from 115-
165 psi on aluminum.
The laser is located in its own cell, by a dedicated, two-
Head reciprocal compressor.
Head usually alternate--
One is running and the other is resting.
\"We have not overpowered the system,\" he said . \"
\"Even if a head is going to quit, or something goes wrong, you know you\'re on the line all the time. \" All the air-
The production line is stainless steel and the system has its own filter and freeze dryer.
\"The Cleaner your system is, the more accurate your cutting will be,\" he said . \". [
Slightly] IllustrationsThe CL-Diffusion of 707-
The cold cavity enables PMI to provide customers with superior and consistent accuracy, especially in marginal quality and small, tight
Tolerance part features. Diffusion-
Cooling provides superior mode quality, enabling the beam to focus in smaller, hotter places.
The tight beam is particularly effective in focusing on thinner materials, cutting faster, cleaner, narrower cuts, better edge quality and less heataffected zone (HAZ).
The combination of small thermal impact zones and high-speed machining minimizes the thermal input of aluminum and avoids thermal effects.
\"Flatness is a big problem for our customers,\" explains Napier . \".
\"Aluminum is hard because it keeps heat and is especially reactive.
He stressed: \"The accuracy and consistent quality of the laser is crucial.
PMI can\'t make mistakes.
It cuts some special aluminium plates with polished, matte and cobblestone finishes up to $4
He pointed out that the price of steel was $5 per pound, compared to 40 cents per pound recently.
\"We have a reputation for quality and are very proud of it,\" Napier said . \".
\"Quality, price and getting there on time ---
That\'s why we have our clients back.
Cincinnati laser has given us a competitive advantage in all three aspects.
Cincinnati company www. rsleads. com/407mn-
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