sheet metal fabricators have choices: be as lean and automated as you can be. (production).

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In the sheet metal manufacturing plant in Finland, the linear motor locates the x/Y axis at 11,811 ipm at the same time on an independent laser machine with automatic loading (300 m/min)
For laser cutting 1-
Stainless steel panel of 787 ipm for self
Clean kitchen range hood for cruise ship.
Another manufacturer\'s factory in Finland is also a supplier of the marine industry, and the panel of the cruise ship ventilation system is in two high
Production winding machine with overall plate operation and automatic loading and unloading.
In northern Italy, a large oven manufacturer bends and presses stainless steel plates in an automated flexible manufacturing unit, forming corners of complex shapes without special tools.
Lean thinking these are just a few examples of how Finnish and Italian European sheet metal manufacturers can match the capabilities of advanced sheet metal machines and systems with production requirements.
They met during a recent visit with Finn.
Customers of Power International in Finland and Italy
Visited the production facilities of Power. In Italy, Finn-
Power produces Express Bender, its precision CNC winding machine. Finn-
Like most successful machine tool manufacturers, Power has recognized the importance of continuously integrating the latest technologies into its products.
Since the end of 1980, its customers have benefited from their commitment to lean ideas related to their products.
By definition, in lean production
Thinking about the management of the development and operation of the organization\'s products and processes makes it take less manpower, less space, less capital and less time to manufacture high-quality products-
Less defects
Lean Thinking simplifies operations, eliminates waste, and identifies and implements devices and procedures that contribute to value streams-
Both inside the operation and from the external supply stream. Finn-
Power\'s supply process into the sheet metal industry made a big leap in 1983 when it launched its own independent NC hydraulic turret punch.
Back at 1987, Finn-
Power began to automate the continuous working phase as a flexible production line, when it introduced the first combined machine with an integrated hydraulic right-angle shear and turret punch (Shear Genius). For Finn-
Power\'s customers this machine has pioneered the trend of independent machines with multiple functions, providing flexible solutions for sheet metal processing.
Since then, the company has enabled its machines to work independently by combining basic bending, stamping and cutting processes to produce machines for stamping/cutting, stamping/laser cutting, or punching/molding/tapping/laser cutting--
All on one machine.
These machines are linked with automation to form a complete manufacturing system that can be extended by adding new workstations as needed for production.
Working Sheet metal sheet metal manufacturers usually work aluminum, cold rolled steel and stainless steel plates with a thickness range of 0. 02\" to 0.
3 15 \", in the paper stock of 5x10 ft. up to 5x13 ft.
The turret punch machine is effective when processing steel up to 8mm (0. 314\")thick;
Cutting can handle materials up to 5mm (0. 196\")thick.
Based on production demand and future growth, a portfolio has been developed to handle almost any customer demand.
FinnPower\'s latest 3 models.
For example, the 5 KW laser machine can cut the metal to 0. 75\" with high-
Linear motor positioning handling orders with speeds up to 5x10 ft. Finn-
Power provides something for the production needs of most sheet metal manufacturers.
Here is the latest lineup of its products: * 22-and 33-
Both hydraulic and servo are big.
Handle the electric version of the paper from 50 \"x 100\" to 5x12 ft.
Up to 0.
63 \"for blinds, etc.
Models include \"A\" and \"F\" series hydraulic and Express servo-electric.
* Cutting genius \"SB\" flexible manufacturing unit designed for lean manufacturing and reduction of work in the process to 33-
Handle the ton version of paper 50 \"x 100\" to 5x12 ft.
* Cut brightness \"SB\" combines high-
Speed positioning of 33-combined loading/punching/cutting/unloading
30 tons of punch
Station turret on 5x12 ft.
* Laser punch \"l p\" has automatic part production function, including 33-
Tons of hydraulic turret punch and 2.
5 KW laser of 5x10 ft processing plate.
* Laser punch LPE is servo-
Electric version of high precision automation machine for 22-
5/16 tons of punch for \"Table 50\" xl00 and 2. 5 kW laser. * The Finn-Power Laser FPL-
6 integrate the linear motor drive into a separate laser with a laser cut of 0 pieces.
75 \"thick, 5x10 ft, 11,811 ipm for positioning, 787 ipm for laser cutting.
* Express Bending Cell \"EB\" is the latest iteration of its fully automatic winding machine, which can rotate parts with a capacity of 0.
12 \"thick 10. 5 ft.
Long to 7 flanges. 87\".
Express Bender works on the edge of the panel.
Typically, the process starts at the outer edge of the paper and continues to the inner part of the paper, working in turn until all the bends are completed.
Other products include press machines and robots.
The Fed brakes.
Advances in technology
Continued integration of power
Position the speed into its product by using a linear motor driver. Finn-
Power integrates linear motor technology on its combined shear/punch machine (
Cut brightness); its state-of-the-
Independent laser art
Cutting Machine (the FPL-6 model)
Recently, on its combined punch/laser cutting machine (
Laser brightness).
In addition to super fast, the linear motor positioning system is also very accurate.
Tourists from Europe.
Blech saw this when it launched the laser brilliance \"LB\" machine at the end of last year.
The \"LB\" machine is 100% faster than the traditional ball screw. driven systems.
\"LB\" combines hydraulic 30-station, 33-
Tons of punch and use the Super linear drive technology
Fast and extremely accurate positioning of the entire X-20 feetaxis travel.
The positioning speed of the shaft reaches 8,976 ipm (228 m/min)
And the laser cutting speed is 787 ipm (20 m/min).
Logistics can be automated in many ways.
In the introduction of Hannover, the laser shines with 5-
Shaft Loading, sorting, stacking robots, and sorting units with eight addresses.
Alternatively, the laser brilliance can be equipped with flexible modular material handling equipment, such as the use of Finn-
New Compact EPS raw material storage for Power.
Of course, it can be integrated into the night train FMS system.
Take the Night Train Finn-
Power first as an on-
The machine has the opportunity to create a unit with multiple functions and then to combine the machine into a flexible manufacturing system.
The most basic form of automation is loading and unloading to reduce human interference with the process and to complete the sorting and stacking of individual components as a final product or secondary operation.
In order to achieve the production goal of running from small batches to complete production operations, the company has developed a flexible manufacturing system that integrates machines into units with flexible automation, \"seamless integration of machines from parts to parts, from operations to operations \".
\"That\'s how President Finn Mico Lindstrom-
Describes the capabilities of his company\'s flexible manufacturing system for night trains.
In addition to punching, cutting, and!
Or laser cutting, Night Train allows adding robots to step on the brakes or built in
The line automatic panel bending device for the bending process of the automation assembly.
The advantage of the manufacturers is that they can \"bend only the parts needed today and be able to bend the parts in a different order than the stamped parts to meet their assembly needs, so, while improving throughput, the extra work in the process is eliminated, \"explains Lindstrom.
The night train FMS combines Finn-
Power flexible manufacturing units and their automatic material management systems, providing an overall solution for unmanned operations in sheet metal manufacturing workshops.
The night train is automatically stored through a new type of raw materials and finished parts, automatically controlling the system, equipment operation and material flow inside the system.
The material management system of the night train FMS holds all the blank paper needed.
Stamping and prefabricated parts are automatically stacked on pallets and transferred to the material management system via night train vans, allowing long periods of unmanned operation.
Another advantage of the night train FMS system is the existing or legacy manufacturing equipment, as well as the new equipment with the latest technological innovation, which can be integrated into the system to further automate the manufacturing process.
Halton Marine is a global supplier of cruise HVAC, in particular cabin ventilation, kitchen ventilation and fire safety products such as fire valves in onshore applications and airflow management and airflow distribution.
Except for linear-motor FPL-
Laser it has a cutting genius and a quick bending device on an order and a night train FMS to be installed.
It has factories in Finland, France and the United States. S. , and Malaysia. Koja Ltd.
Air treatment (manufacturing and sales)HVAC)
Units for industrial, commercial, office and public buildings and fans for industrial applications.
Koja has the latest Finn-
Electric Automation CNC folding bender machine, quick folding bender machine, folding bending automation machine, cutting genius and cutting brilliance machine according to order.
Mondial Forni is a manufacturer of Italian refrigeration and baking pastry ovens, mixers and related equipment.
The company\'s Night Train FMS includes a \"SG\" combined shear punch machine and a bending automated bender machine to produce special curved plates without the need to use special tools. Finn-Power USA. , www. rsleads. com/tp303-
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