Several useful errors in cutting thermal deformation of CNC fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-22

Appropriate selection of the cutting rate of the fiber laser cutting machine can make the slag on the cutting surface very little, and there is no sign of slag, and the slag removal is convenient and easy. The cutting rate can experience sound and investigate the slag activity environment to verify its suitability. Proper cutting rate When the slag is active, there will be a disciplined wild pop, and the slag exit is in a continuous line with the cutting nozzle foundation. Too fast or too slow cutting rate is not good for guaranteeing the quality of the code word. Too fast cutting rate may cause uncut signs. Too slow cutting rate will not only cause extravagance, but also make the top of the code word find the signs of melting along the way, so a second cutting is required. The cutting nozzle model can be extracted according to the plate thickness. The larger the cutting nozzle number, the thicker the steel plate thickness to be cut. It is advisable for the cutting nozzle interval to be in a uniform plane between the flame core and the steel plate. Too close to the cutting nozzle between the steel plate will easily block the cutting nozzle, and too far will increase the preheating area of u200bu200bthe steel plate, increase the deformation, and reduce the cutting rate.

 A. Extract the gas pressure, cutting rate and cutting nozzle model of the flame cutting machine

  Extract the appropriate gas pressure, cutting rate and cutting nozzle model according to the different plate thicknesses, which can make the cutting The evaluation is smooth, the cutting wave marks are fine, the top and bottom edges are square, and the cut scales are easy to clean. Excessively high cutting oxygen pressure not only causes spreading, but also has standard grooves near the top of the cutting piece. The cutting oxygen pressure is too low, and thicker scales are integrated on the cutting surface, which is difficult to clean. If the acetylene pressure is too high, it will cause overheating, and the cutting surface near the top will cause a larger groove; if the acetylene pressure is too low, it will be difficult to ensure smooth cutting.

The CNC fiber laser cutting machine always has a little 'deviation' when cutting steel plates. How does this 'deviation' happen? Regarding flame cutting, because acetylene or propane gas is used as the cutting power, in addition to the influence of the air supply pressure and the purity of the air supply, during the cutting process, the transmission ratio of the machine tool transmission system is too large, which makes the transmission rigidity of the machine tool transmission system obvious. It's on the low side. The machining accuracy of the parts in other equipment and the device accuracy are not high. The transmission deviation and the tooth cycle deviation that occur have a significant impact on the transmission accuracy of the machine tool itself, causing the cutting torch to run at a very low speed (occasionally as low as 0.1m/min as follows ), and at the same time, the machine tool has a large operating deviation along the track. This deviation is not caused by the machine itself, but caused by the cutting flame or gas.

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