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Tool Structure and Process

Tool typical structure shown in Figure 1, mainly Cutter, knife holder and base composition. Connection as follows: base soldered directly to the milling drum, the knife block through the screw fastening the base of the slot, while the cutter head knife inserted through the spring seat up. Segment from the tip, knife handles, gaskets, and spring up composition (Figure 2).


Cutting due to the completion of major tasks, tip materials, large particles of tungsten carbide alloy used by the soft cobalt metal will link it together and the hardness reached 1400HV above it at high temperature, high-impact cases, also has a more good flexural and abrasion resistance. And cone-shaped tip, top diameter is small, cut into the ground to ensure that the cone into the performance, reduced cutting resistance; tip at the bottom of large diameter, providing protection against knife handle. Corner by special brazing copper connected to the shank, the connection strength, can withstand the exerted on the knife's edge with the knife handle 45 degrees to the direction of 6 tons of force generated by bending.

Shank has a different upper and lower part of the mechanical properties, the upper half with the friction between road and milling wastes, which require high hardness, lower half of the rod into a knife block, the need to be able to absorb the impact of milling process, So, good toughness. This shank would need to have a dual properties: wear and bending. Retract the middle there is a slot, we can use a knife clamp unloading from the cutter head pulled out a knife block (some Blade did not back a knife slots, use the Cutter punch out of it from the rear). Some new Cutter, Shank head cloth also has grooves to increase friction with the ground during the rotation performance, to prevent partial wear.

Gasket is made of high-quality spring steel, shape similar to the disc spring, showing inverted cone. Its usefulness is twofold: First, reduce the wear and tear of a knife block. Segment work rotating seat if they are directly installed on the knife, knife block is bound to cause serious wear and tear, while the knife is much higher than the price of Block Cutter, so to install a gasket in between, so that rotation Segment only with the friction pads to protect the knife block; Second, the cone-shaped seat of the gasket and knife cone positioning accuracy with the surface to ensure that the work of Segment in the knife block in a good right in the state, reducing knife block Kong wear and tear.

Spring up from the 1.2 mm high-quality spring steel is made into a knife block knife block hole after strong tension, and the milling process does not block the prolapse from the knife. Milling process need to be able Segment rotation, it springs up with the knife handle large radial clearance between.

Knife Block

Old-fashioned milling machine is used in welding a knife block, its not easy to replace, have now been using quick-change-type knife block, through the set screws within the fixed base. Screw open screws can easily remove the knife block. Knife block installation area, effectively protecting the base and reduce stress. Open two instances the top ring groove, as the wear-lines for easy maintenance.


Base soldered directly to milling drum, in addition to install additional tools, there is a very important role - screw conveying. Large base in the milling drum spiral arrangement, forming a Road 'spiral blade.' After milling the waste is to rely on rotating 'spiral blade' will be pushed into the milling chamber in the middle, and then thrown through the plate throwing material. Therefore, the base shape and layout of a direct impact on milling drum stacker, as well as expected income effect, require special attention.

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