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An excavator saw is widely used in construction and mining industries extensively. These are engineered and manufactured with a saw attached/mounted on an excavator. These metal saws are capable of producing very high cutting speeds and cuts through most of the hard surfaces like hard rock and concrete walls or blocks with minimal of effort and dust. These metal made saws can cut both horizontally and vertically from an appreciable range of 300mm to 1200 mm deep with complete accuracy and efficiency.

Excavator saws are used in many industry applications that include trench cutting, block extraction, cutting of bluestone, granite, sandstone and steel encased concrete. These cutting saws are very much useful as they enable difficult and lengthy projects such as sawing, footing or cutting trenches into solid rock walls in short span of time accurately and efficiently. These saws are apt for use in highly sensitive vibration area. Excavator saw was first used in Sydney, Australia in the early 1990s.

The prominent features of excavator saws are:

These rapid cutting saws are extensively in demand for their popularity in industry as an ideal weapon to solve all hard cutting problems and are ideal for working with reclamation and general land clearing. These saws are designed in accordance to varying customer needs and preferences and delivers superior performance every time.

The excavator saw finds its usage and applications in the following sectors:

Following are the unique selling point (USP) of such tools:

Excavator saws have distinctive edge over other variety cutting devices and are renowned for their high speed power packed performance. Also these cutting saws are custom made to meet the various cutting concerns. These cutters are tailor crafted to and are backed by the most recent and advanced technologies.

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