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reno-area fabricator hits jackpot with laser fms.

by:Lxshow     2020-02-28
Automated systems provide Fast products to Silicon Valley customers.
Two years ago, Gary Apple, president of California caogu innovation metal manufacturing, \"gambled\" on the first automatic laser device\"
Base sheet metal-
American cutting system.
Listen to him. He bought this thing.
\"They didn\'t have a complete system in this country at that time,\" he recalls . \".
\"The salesman who sold us never saw it!
\"Apple\'s only certainty at the time was that the turret press he was using at the time did not allow him to take advantage of the new business opportunities the company was pursuing.
His gambling on new technology was rewarded.
Located in eastern California, innovation Hotel is about an hour\'s drive from the Sierra adas mountains in RenoTahoe area -
Close to Silicon Valley electronics and computer companies, but far enough, so it can\'t compete for chassis work and other more traditional manufacturing work with lab stores close to major metropolitan areas.
Not interested in this kind of work.
Its remote location forced it to become more self-contained.
By providing value, it\'s more than enough than most work stores-
Services such as product design, engineering, powder coating, Assembly are added.
Innovation takes pride in being able to quickly complete projects for customers and is willing to risk helping customers quickly turn ideas into real products.
\"We take the customer\'s idea of the product, make some drawings, improve them, create CAD designs, make prototypes, build modelsups. . .
\"In any case, help them turn these ideas into business realities,\" Apple explained . \".
Over the years, innovative companies have also developed into contract manufacturers serving the computer and electronics industries.
The products we produce are complete.
\"It\'s not just the case and the structural parts, we \'ve also installed circuit boards, wires and other electronic parts,\" Mr. Apple commented.
\"We also design and manufacture assembly and testing equipment that goes into the computer and electronics manufacturer\'s factory.
\"Speed is critical\", and speed is critical for our customers in the electronics and computer industries.
Apple stressed.
\"They came up with an idea for a new product in the morning and wanted to test its components by the end of the day.
People can come to us with a concept and we can generate a CAD design and a prototype part in a few hours.
Although the innovation company has purchased independent laser sheet metal
The early 90 s cutting machine, two turret presses and one automatic loading and unloading accounted for most of the company\'s parts production.
As the company\'s business grows, it turns out that turret presses are not able to produce sheet metal parts in the short time required.
They also didn\'t provide the flexibility needed: \"We have to have machines that provide the maximum flexibility because we don\'t know what we need to do tomorrow,\" Apple insists.
\"We are also unhappy with the cost of our turret press tools,\" he said . \".
\"We have a lot of money in terms of tools, but we always buy more.
The tool was broken and we had to wait for the replacement.
The turret press messed up our style.
\"Innovative companies have gained enough experience with their independent lasers to see the possibility of production equipped with automatic loading and unloading and capable of long-term unattended laser cutting systems.
It evaluates the systems available on the market.
One system, two-
The laser FMS from IL Schaumburg Mazak Nissho Iwai offers a complete package but only takes about 1500 square feet of floor space.
\"Every square foot of plant space is a burden and the only good judgment is to buy the equipment as compact as possible,\" Apple notes . \".
The company purchased the laser FMS.
Laser FMS for laser FMS Mazak is a modular, automated laser sheet metal-cutting system.
Although all components of the system are critical for long-term unattended operation, some of them have more than one size or capacity, allowing the customer to customize the system according to his special requirements.
Components selected by innovative companies for their laser FMS include: line controllers (LC)
It is a PC with advanced management software.
The input is just the production plan, the shelf location of the item, and the nested NC program.
With this data, the line controller automatically downloads the cutting program to the CNC control of each champion when the paper loading and unloading operation is in progress.
LC also manages the material Tower, loading and unloading and provides status feedback to the company supervisor.
Changes in production planning or mixing are fast and easy to complete. A material-
The storage tower on the head of the laser FMS has a bunch of movable racks with two tons of 4x8-per shelf-Ft steel plate.
The tower is served by the elevator, which, under the signal from the system LC, rises to the height of the shelf that holds the steel thickness required for the next job, removes the shelf and returns to the floor, and move the shelf to the appropriate position to make it a loading station for the fms laser cutting machine.
Innovation designation six-
Shelf material tower. A system-
Automatic loading and unloading is provided by the horizontal movement device, allowing the system to be unattended.
It includes a dedicated loading and unloading area that operates as a unit suspended on a monorail train above the system.
The loading part raises a sheet from the loading station at a time (shelf)
Bring them to the laser table.
The unloading part is a wide comb.
Just like the device, slide under the cutting sheet on the laser workbench to remove the laser
Cutting in units of blanks and skeletons.
The unloader transports the cutting piece to the unmount station at the end of the line. The load-
Design and program the operation of the unloading unit to minimize the idle or non-cutting time of the laser.
Once the laser has finished cutting a piece of paper, the device removes it and deposits a new piece of paper on the laser workbench.
It\'s not shipped just-
Cut the paper to the unloading station until the cutting is started on the fresh paper.
For the system of more than one laser cutting machine, the system-
The traversal unit is programmed to provide new paper to the next available laser.
Laser cutting machine is the core of laser FMS.
A company can purchase FMS with one laser and expand over time to include up to four lasers. For its laser-
Cutting machine, innovative choice 1000-
4x8 W champion-ft bed size.
The champion is a special one.
Special machine, designed to cut thinner, more commonly used steel gauge at a faster speed than ordinary machinepurpose laser.
The productivity of the champion is advantageous compared to the productivity of the turret press, especially when considering the secondary operation required for stamping parts.
The unloading station receives the paper containing the cut part.
The sensor allows the paper to be stacked to a certain height, at which point the system stops and signals to the operator.
The innovative FMS includes an additional workbench next to the unloading station.
Sheets can be moved from the unloading station to the Workbench
By program or manual-
Allows direct access to specific parts.
\"The biggest benefit for us with laser FMS is turnaround time,\" Apple stressed . \".
\"Laser FMS gives us the performance\" right away.
You can get a part in 10 minutes.
It takes 10 to 15 minutes before loading the tool of the part onto our turret Press.
\"The customer sent us the drawings through the modem and asked if they could fly to pick up the pieces,\" he continued . \".
\"Sometimes we meet them at the airport, ready to test samples of the parts.
This is what the laser FMS enables us to do.
The punch press starts and runs slowly, and they set the speed for the rest of the store.
\"With the laser FMS, we can run the prototype parts along the parts produced on the side . \"
\"We don\'t have much time running prototype parts compared to production parts --
It runs equally efficiently.
When the prototype is approved and we are ready to go into production, there is no need to guess how it will run.
We just need to press the button. \" Round-the-
\"Before we buy the laser FMS, our level of operation is about 1-
\"This is the third goal I think we should achieve . \"
\"The laser gives us the capacity to produce and help us get where we need it.
With it, our production capacity has tripled.
Prior to that, we processed about 20,000 of steel per week on two turret presses.
With laser FMS, we can handle about 60,000 a week
Fewer and fewer people took action for the first time.
\"Another important factor that led to an increase in production capacity is that the laser FMS operates almost uninterrupted, with little or no downtime for tool replacement or material loading and unloading,\" he stressed . \".
\"For all 21 shifts, the actual cutting time of the laser exceeds 90%.
Our sales have doubled over the past year, but we only need to increase by about 30 people.
About 110 in total-
Part of the reason is that the productivity of laser FMS is higher.
\"We are still operating a turret press, but we mainly use it for molding operations rather than hole making operations,\" Apple stressed . \".
\"By switching the part blanking and hole making operation to the laser, we not only improve the turnaround time, but also for the significant, continuous
The cost of tools is saved.
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