Quality requirements of fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-06-20

Processing quality of fiber laser cutting machine: the grades and mechanical properties of the various parts and materials on the pipe cutting machine should meet the requirements of the corresponding standards, the processing of the parts should meet the corresponding standards, and the machine tool should be according to the drawings and assembly Process procedures for assembly. The parts and components (including purchased parts) assembled on the machine tool should meet the quality requirements. Gaskets and sleeves that are not specified in the drawings should not be placed. After the moving and rotating parts of the machine tool are assembled, the movement should be smooth, flexible and light. 4.4.1 The external surface of the machine tool should not have protrusions, depressions, roughness and other damages not specified in the drawing; 4.4.2 The protective cover of the pipe cutting machine should be flat, well-proportioned, and should not be warped or sunken; 4.4.3 The pipe cutting machine The edges of the exposed joint surface should be neat and well-proportioned, and there should be no obvious misalignment unless permitted by the design; 4.4.4 The gap between the periphery of the door of the pipe cutting machine and its related parts should be even.

Fiber laser cutting machine 4.4.5 The surface of the exposed parts of the machine tool should not be bumped, rusted, screws, pin ends should not be sprained, hammered and other defects. Regulations on product drawings and process documents. 4.3 There will be no blockage in the assembly quality. 4.4 Appearance quality, 4.5 The purchased parts, outsourcing parts and standard parts of the pipe cutting machine shall meet the requirements of the relevant standards, and all parts can be assembled after passing the inspection. 4.6 The appearance of the welded parts of the pipe cutting machine should not have hammer marks, weld bumps, metal spatter and arc ignition marks, and the edges and sharp corners should be smooth. The slag of all welds should be cleaned up, and the appearance of welds should be polished smooth. 4.7 The surface paint of the pipe cutting machine should be flat and smooth; the color and gloss should be uniform, without obvious protruding particles, adherents and sand polishing marks. The paint film is not allowed to have sagging, blistering, loss of gloss and obvious orange peel. There must be no scratches, unevenness, falling off, etc.

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