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Prototyping uses an array of modern as well as

by:Lxshow     2020-08-01

Metal and high grade plastic materials are used to create prototype models that match the end product in terms of strength, flexibility, chemical resistance, dielectric properties and other characteristics of the product. You can order a range of surface finishing. You can be sure that there are no stepped surfaces; a common occurrence when additive processes are used to create prototypes. Stepped surface have some distinct disadvantages. They cannot be used for prototypes where the parts have to slide. Also they do not reflect that professionally created finish.

Metal CNC machines are used in situations when there is need for low volume prototypes of the mechanical type. Models are created from a wide array of plastic and metal materials. The benefit of using Rapid CNC technology is that you are assured of high accuracy machined parts.

Presentation models created by traditional prototyping methods can create high quality models that replicate the real product in looks and feel. Addition of features such as pad printing, additional texture, painting and inserts helps in creating a model that is an exact copy of the real product. High quality prototype models can be created by employing technology such as CNC, Vacuum Casting and metalizing. The process used will of course depend on the exact requirements of the client.

Presentation models are extremely useful when it comes to design validation, providing displays at exhibitions, seminars, museums and galleries or creating photo shoots for marketing requirements. They also come handy to create sales processes and bid for contracts.

There are many advantages of using presentation models. It is possible to apply detailed graphics using a variety of printing techniques. Materials used can match the exact needs of the clients. The wide range of plastic and metal materials available for creating the models provides flexibility in creation. It is even possible to represent the real weight and features of the product in some specific cases.

The press formed prototypes helps in providing high quality prototypes without the expenses that a full press tooling incurs at the very upfront. Parts are created by cutting them from sheet stocks and then shaped manually or mechanically as needed. The models are cost effective and can be created within 8 to ten days.

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