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Prototek being featured in December's edition

by:Lxshow     2020-06-22
Contoocook, New Hampshire December 7, 2009 Prototek will be featured in the newest edition of The Fabricator, a magazine presenting all new innovations of the high tech industry of rapid production and prototyping. Specifically, Prototek will be accentuated for their purchase of the new LC-C1 punch/laser combination machine from Amada. Rapid production and prototyping is becoming a bigger industry every year. Staying ahead of the competition is a feat only the adept will accomplish. These are the types of companies The Fabricator is associated with, and exactly why Prototek has been getting so much publicity. Prototek can stay ahead of the competition by incorporating state-of-the-art technologies in a very methodological way, benefiting both the company and the customer. Prototek utilizes a scanning system, where each Prototek employee must scan into the specific procedure he or she will be working on, so customers can check up on their parts online, and see how their rapid prototypes or precision production parts are progressing through the shop. With the addition of the new LC-C1 punch/laser combination machine, Prototek is now able to run fewer shifts on the sheet metal punching and lasering cells, while increasing production throughput, decreasing lead times, and decreasing cost. 'Before purchasing the C1, we were running 3 shifts in our punching and laser cutting departments at 90 percent capacity. Now, we're running 2 shifts operating at 80 percent capacity, and we've increased sales by 15 percent!' Commented Keith Isabelle, General Manager of Prototek. The LC-C1 has a revolutionary design, decreasing time when switching between turret and laser cutting modules. There is also a vacuum built into the turret, allowing for the punching of holes 50% smaller than traditional turrets! This allows for small geometry and common holes to be punched out of a sheet of metal, while all the contours and complex geometry gets cut by the laser. The combination machine doesn't stop there though. It also has the capability to tap holes, counter sink holes, and bend parts! Prototek previously had 6 employees working in secondaries departments doing such tasks, but with with the implementation of the LC-C1, four of these employees were able to switch to more specialized departments. All around, the LC-C1 is the perfect sheet metal prototype and production cell for Prototek. About Prototek Sheet Metal Fabrication Prototek Manufacturing started in October of 1987 specializing in rapid prototyping of precision sheetmetal for the hi-tech industries. Their facility is a new 40,000 sq. ft. building. Prototek currently has 65 employees and has expanded into rapid turn machined parts, SLA, and 3D printing. They are home to state of the art welding and bending departments, as well as painting and plating rooms, assembly department, and much more. Prototek's niche has always been a solid commitment to on-time deliveries of quality products. They fabricate from 3D solid models or CAD (computer aided design) files, and keep a constant supply of necessary materials. These include stainless steel, cold rolled steel, and aluminum sheet, tube, angle, and channel, lexan and other plastics, copper sheet and bar, spring steel, mirrored stainless, and a large stock of hardware. Prototek is currently ISO 9001:2008 certified and also ITAR and DFAR compliant.
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