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Production Speeds For Laser Cutting Machines

by:Lxshow     2020-02-28
For anyone who wants to buy a laser machine, laser cutting speed is an important consideration.Having more speed is undoubtedly a valuable asset, as it usually translates into higher productivity, but a faster speed often leads to higher costs for their needs, the fastest laser is not necessarily the most practical.When considering the production speed, the following factors should be considered: cutting speed: refers to the speed of laser cutting materials.Cross speed: refers to the speed at which the laser head moves from one position to the next.Acceleration: how fast the laser slows down at high speed cutting speed: how fast the laser speed can slow down and/or stop.Complexity of cutting: for more complex cutting, the speed difference becomes less and less important due to quick start/stop, and acceleration/deceleration in such a short distance does not allow the laser to reach the maximum speed.Conversion time from paper to paper: the time required to transfer paper from the cutting table.To calculate the actual production time, the above factors must be integrated.Among the many different brands of lasers, the laser power in kilowatts will determine the actual cutting speed.Therefore, while other factors may affect the entire production time, most of the current highWhen the KW power is equal, the end laser is able to achieve the same cutting speed.However, the cross-motion speed may vary between different machines, and has nothing to do with kilowatts of power, and when companies talk about their machines being faster than others, they usually mean horizontalHowever, it is often the case that even with very high lateral speeds, the time saved by making metal plates is only a few seconds, since most manufacturing processes are actually cut.However, the price difference can be as high as several hundred dollars, and the cost of repairs, repairs and spare parts is also much higher.For potential Laser buyers, one needs to assess whether this additional production time is commensurate with higher costs, not only on the price of the machine, but also on ongoing service and operational maintenance.So when considering your fiber or CO2 laser cutting machine and see that the cutting speed is the most important factor in your operation, consider the laser source, laser power, laser cutting speed, machine moving speed, acceleration, determine, and then calculate your loading and unloading time, calculate the production time for your nest to decide what machine provides the best dollar value for your operation.
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