Planning study of multi-station automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-23

The question about the low cutting compliance of the current automatic fiber laser cutting machine. According to the request of laser cutting technology, this article proposes a multi-station automatic fiber laser cutting machine. This article explains in detail the layout of the multi-station automatic fiber laser cutting machine, as well as the truth of the matter. The cutting job can quickly transport the cut patterns to the rest of the stations, with high cutting obedience.

SOFT type open system, this is a very new open system layout CNC system, its CNC software is installed in the computer, and the hardware is shared by the computer and peripheral equipment. The interface is connected to form. Users can use the open CNC kernel in the field of WindowsNT to develop various required functions, thereby forming various types of high-performance control systems. Compared with the previous categories, this type of system has a higher cost performance, but because it is completely completed by software, the punishment rate is relatively low.

Fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine control system hardware plan constitutes the control system hardware mainly including industrial PC, PMAC mobile control card and servo system. As the focus of the mastering system, the industrial PC is responsible for the tasks of cutting model selection, parameter input, data communication, and cutting process production. The PMAC action control card communicates with the host computer through the PCI bus, explains the instructions obtained from the industrial PC, completes the action control algorithm, and then sends the instructions to the servo system to complete the interpolation control of the action trajectory. PMAC can also learn the machine tool status and speed information collected by the encoder, and return the collected data information to the industrial PC in time.

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine control system software mainly includes 3 modules: action control module, data collection module and high and low machine communication module. The action control module must complete the interpolation control of each axis, the data collection module must complete the collection of the position and speed of the servo motor and the collection of machine limit information, and the communication module completes the initialization of the board, opening the board, issuing instructions, uploading and downloading Functions such as action procedures and check-board cards are used to complete the communication between high and low computers. The important point of the data collection module plan is to use the data collection function of the multi-axis mobile control card to send the status information of each axis collected in the mode of the controller, and the controller can transmit data to one or more parallel tasks. There are two ways to collect data in the multi-axis action control card: the trigger method and the non-trigger method. The rising edge can cause the trigger method to trigger. The action control card sends the collected data information to the care device, and the care device sends the machine position information on the port by broadcasting at a rate of 10 times per second.

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine summarizes the above description, and the control system adopts the open hardware layout of 'NC embedded in PC'. This layout has the characteristics of interoperability, portability, scalability, and interchangeability.

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