Pay attention to the changes in the installation and debugging of fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-07-02

At the beginning, the fiber laser cutting machine is not high in hardness, easy to cut, aluminum aluminum pins are easy to stick to the knife, and it is feasible to use metal pipe cutting machines. The secret words are elegant and can be cut in multiple strips. Because the pipe cutting machine tool adopts low-speed torsion, the torsion rate of the cutting tool is larger than that of the aluminum cutting machine. Therefore, the former cutting fiber laser cutting machine is easier to stick the knife than the latter. (The number of teeth of the saw blade can be increased to solve the problem). The sticky pins can be discarded more quickly.

For compliance, the aluminum cutting machine is faster than the pipe cutting machine. The important thing is that the aluminum cutting machine is driven by a motor and has no gearbox layout, which is not suitable for cutting other materials; The engine adopts turbo-worm gearbox layout to increase torque. It can cut harder metal materials such as stainless steel, as well as aluminum. The cutting limits are wide.

The safety incidents that need to be paid attention to during the installation and debugging of fiber laser cutting machine equipment are very stressful. Mechanical equipment is a high-end and strict machine tool in construction Production and processing equipment, and during the commissioning process, not only professional commissioning personnel are required to conduct commissioning, but also commissioning personnel need to have professional commissioning basic knowledge. The various events faced in the commissioning process are related to all chamfering machinery and equipment. For a high-quality performance that can be achieved in the production chain, the machine tool must be placed on the ground, and the four screw holes of the machine base must be fixed on the ground with bolts to correct the degree.

Put the pipe into the clamping mold, the end of the pipe is retracted 6-10mm away from the front positioning plate, step on the foot switch to adjust the cylinder saving valve and the distance saving valve From slow to suitable, put the pipe to be processed into the clamping mold to the front position, step on the foot switch to start processing.

Fiber laser cutting machine is a professional used for mold production, hardware machinery, machine tool production, hydraulic parts, valve production, textile machinery chamfering, milling and planing This is a small compact machine for burrs produced by other processing methods. Put the pipe to be processed into the clamping mold, and the end of the pipe is retracted from the front positioning plate by 2-2.5 mm. Without starting the motor, manually chamfer the handle to move the pipe forward and move the stop point forward by visual inspection. At this time, the front and rear chamfering blades should touch the pipe and the end knife should be about 1 mm away from the end of the pipe. At the same time, the path switch is just turned on. If there is an error, the front positioning, blade and path switch adjustment screws can be adjusted to the proper position Turn on the power and start the motor to manually test the pipe.

Small hydraulic fiber laser cutting machine debugging skills: The fiber laser cutting machine holds the meander of the pipe and the meander of the sheet the same. In a purely serpentine environment, when a tube with an outer diameter of D and a wall thickness of t is produced by the use of an external moment M, the outer tube wall of the neutral layer is subjected to tensile stress σ1 for use, and the tube wall becomes thinner; For tensile stress σ1, the pipe wall becomes thicker. And the cross-section style changes from a round shape to a similar oval shape due to the combined force of F1 and F2. When the deformation is too large, cracks will occur on the outer tube wall and wrinkles will be found on the inner tube wall.

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