optimization of operator and physical parameters for laser welding of dental materials

by:Lxshow     2020-04-04
The flexibility of the operator has a real impact on the quality of laser welding, but this can be reduced when the selection of welding parameters is optimized.
Experience selection of radiation parameters can be avoided (
Energy, pulse duration, power)
Improve the welding process to obtain the full penetration depth of the laser beam in the dental alloy used.
Using a power supply group of about 1kw, a full combination of energy and pulse duration was performed on the FeNiCr orthodontic line of different diameters.
The classification of welding parameters for this material and this type of pulse Nd-has been carried out
Optimization of laser welding process.
Unfortunately, changing the composition of the alloy requires another systematic study.
A lot of research has been done on the use of laser welding of dental metals, especially titanium alloys.
By laser welding, parts can be connected by self-connection
Welding of metal parts themselves.
In a previous paper, we demonstrate that laser welding can cause changes in the structure of NiCrMo and cocrw casting alloys due to the rapid heating and solidification process.
Due to the thermal residual stress in the welding stage and/or the change in the tissue that affects the quality of the welded parts, cracks appear in the welding area.
For industrial purposes, the effects of laser beam quality, power and other physical parameters on the depth of metal penetration were mainly studied.
There is a lack of specific data in the literature on the selection of laser parameters for successful welding of dental alloys, enhanced laser penetration, and avoidance of surface damage.
In this paper, we study various parameters that affect the success or failure of the laser welding process.
Since the operator\'s parameters are: Dexterity (
Alignment quality of the metal wire to be connected), eyesight (
Has an impact on the adjustment of beam focus)and knowledge (
About the possible dysfunction of the machine).
The physical parameters are: the power and pulse duration of the laser radiation to determine the best setting to increase the depth of beam penetration and ensure the success of the welding process (
Function of wire diameter and thermal conductivity of alloy).
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