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Operation process of fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-06-21

The button function of fiber laser cutting machine without manual dismantling F1 processing F2 stop F3 rising F4 tracking F5 positioning F6 border inspection F7 blowing F8 pause F9 retreat F 10 continue F 11 laser tuning follows the hand-shaped Auto key, and automatically drops to Follow the height 0.8mm Down key: descend to the lower point of the main shaft Up key: increase sensitivity height: fine-tuning the height Steps: 1. Disconnect the radio frequency line D light is on Up side light adjustment (clockwise D light is off, counterclockwise light is on) when clockwise When the hour hand is adjusted to the D light just off, then turn it counterclockwise to the D light, and then go counterclockwise for an additional half turn. 2. Connect the radio frequency cable, and adjust the height of the hand-shaped Auto side to follow the height (0.8mm). Follow the height clockwise-follow the height counterclockwise! Then press the Auto button to see the follow height, and repeat the adjustment until the follow height is 0.8mm. Follow the adjustment method to remove Connect the laser cutting head to the high-frequency line (the D light on the panel of the follower may be on at this time) adjust the internal disconnection protection adjustment capacitor of the follower (in the 2.5mm hole on the side of the follower near the do wm button) Note: disconnection Protection adjustment method: raise the follow button to observe the cutting rise and fall, adjust the cutting head clockwise to fall, and counterclockwise to adjust the cutting head to rise until the cutting just rises and the D light on the follower is on. , After the D light is turned on, adjust it counterclockwise and then adjust a half circle) After the disconnection protection adjustment is completed, connect the just removed high-frequency wire to the cutting head. 5. After the disconnection protection adjustment is completed, adjust the height adjustment capacitor: as shown in the figure below. Note: The height adjustment capacitor adjustment method is roughly the same as the money-breaking protection. After connecting the high-frequency money, press the follow button to observe the cutting up and down.

The fiber laser cutting machine adjusts the capacitance cutting head clockwise to rise and counterclockwise to fall. Adjust the height of the capacitor so that the cutting head follows the distance from the iron plate to 0.8mm. 6. After all adjustments are completed, the instrument will follow the instrument Install to the original location of the laser. Maintenance process 1. Daily maintenance 1. Clean up the residue at the bottom of the nozzle before going to work every day. 2. Adjust the center to ensure that the laser is in the center of the nozzle, and look at the spot to ensure better light quality. 3. Adjust the follower to ensure the height during cutting. 4. Ensure the stability of cutting and perforating air pressure. 5. Use an air gun to blow the dust on the surface of the machine every day before leaving get off work to clean up the waste in the drawer. 2. Weekly maintenance 1. Blow clean the inside of the power box with an air gun. (Dust may cause poor contact of electronic components) 2. The filter in front of the water tank should be cleaned, and the internal dust should be blown clean. (Dust may cause insufficient heat dissipation) 3. The protective lens and focusing lens should be removed and gently wipe clean with skim cotton moistened with 99.8% alcohol. (The lens is too dirty will affect the cutting quality) 4. The dust and oil on the surface of the cutting head should be wiped clean with a cloth, preferably with a little alcohol.

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