Operation instructions of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-27

Planned an automatic fiber laser cutting machine for tapered tube processing, which is a multi-function automatic fiber laser cutting machine that integrates flat sheet cutting, standard tube cutting, and tapered tube cutting. This machine can improve the manufacturing compliance of light pole processing, and meet the diversified demand for light pole products from environmental trends.

In my country's industrial processing system, fully automatic fiber laser cutting machines are mainly used in cutting, welding, marking, and heat treatment. Although the start of the laser cutting industry in my country is not much later than in Western countries, but because of its poor foundation, laser processing technology has not yet been widely used, and the overall development of the laser processing industry and the country still have a relatively large degree of development. difference. Compared with the ancient cutting technology, laser cutting technology has obvious advantages, and it is important to promote: although the cutting rate is higher, the cutting seam is relatively small, the part of the secret language is bright and flat, and the overall cutting quality is very good; there is no ancient cutting technology in the cutting process There are doubts about tool wear. The thermal impact limitation of the use surface of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is relatively small when cutting; it has a large cutting limitation, and there is no restriction on the cutting style, and it is easier to complete the numerical control. The problem of tool wear in the cutting method is that the cutting cost is lower and the manufacturing compliance is higher. The automatic fiber laser cutting machine also has a technical advantage that the ancient cutting process did not have, that is, it does not require the support of the mold when performing complicated processing. In the absence of molds, the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine can still process various types of sheet metal parts with high precision and high quality. Not only is the processing method naive, because it does not require molds, it also reduces the cost of processing. It is precisely because the fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine has many of the above-mentioned advantages, it has been used in the most widely used fields such as machine processing, aerospace, automobile industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and so on.

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine also has a rich I/O interface, which can be connected to the control panel and the relay. The control panel can manually adjust the position of the machine tool, and can also perform functions such as machine start and stop. The relay can control the on and off of the help gas, cooling water and laser [4]. The industrial control machine selects Taiwan Advantech IPC-610L series, the motherboard model is PCA-6010VG, the CPU is E5300 2.6G, the hard disk capacity is 500G, and the memory is 2G. This industrial computer adopts a steel chassis with high dust-proof, anti-magnetic, and anti-shock capabilities. The chassis is equipped with a special power supply for anti-interference and a dedicated backplane for PCI and ISA slots, which has the ability to consolidate things for a long time. Compared with the same model industry master machine, it has a higher cost performance. The mobile control card adopts the PMAC2-PCI series manufactured by Delta Tau Company in the United States. It adopts the high-performance light signal digital processor DSP56003 manufactured by Motorola Company as the CPU. It has better speed, bandwidth and resolution goals, and its servo cycle is single. The axis can reach 60μs, and the two-axis linkage is 110μs. It can allow the unified control software to run on three different buses, provide support features in multiple fields, and can divide and build each axis servo and response examples, which are mostly used for high-performance mobile control. This PMAC card can control up to eight axes independently or in linkage. The number of servo motors used in this system is 5, and the motors and drives are selected from Japan's Panasonic products with high control accuracy. The action controller provides three-order spline interpolation and PTV mode to ensure the accuracy of the action trajectory. It also provides a lofty delay control to average the high speed and make the action more stable.

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