Open Design: Personal Manufacturing Will Change The World

by:Lxshow     2020-03-08
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A quiet revolutionary sci-fi TV has long promised the future that advanced machines will imagine complex objects out of thin air (
Although for some reason they never seem to be able to create any project that might solve the current episode plot without resorting to space combat).
Although we are still far from the technical level, we are approaching a moderate person with the possibility of downloading real in a sense
World products from the internet!
No, no one on Amazon.
Com warehouse fills the coffee cup you just ordered into the funnel connected to the network cable.
You can download a cup of coffeemug schematic -
It may be possible to download and create using free software such as Google SketchUp for free.
Maybe you will even customize it yourself a little or design it yourself.
When you are ready, you will \"print\" it to the machine in the garage or basement.
If you feel generous, make a few for your friends!
Cheap, high availability
Fast computing power and falling computer prices
Controlled manufacturing technology has spawned an emerging \"open source design\" and manufacturing community, similar to the open source software movement, whose products work behind almost everything we see and do on the Internet.
Will the efforts of this new community lead to fundamental changes in our civilization, just as the Internet makes technology possible.
Some of them are not new, but they are gradually becoming more powerful and cheaper than ever before, putting customized, low-capacity manufacturing capabilities into the hands of serious amateurs.
Time will tell us whether this trend will continue to develop until it is common in families and businesses around the world.
The economist heated a little plastic to melt.
Spray a thin layer of water on the surface where it will dry quickly. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
This is the basic idea behind these revolutionary devices that can turn images from 3D drawing programs into real objects that you can hold in your hands, simple action by clicking on the \"print\" button on the screen!
The video below shows a transaction
Demonstrated by a vendor dedicated to bringing these devices to consumers-level pricing.
It is printing a simple decorative plaque, but there is no reason why complex parts can\'t be printed, for example, or replacement parts for your five partsyear-
Her favorite toy broke down when she fell down the stairs.
The miracle of these devices as rapid prototyping has been used in many industries
Businesses can quickly generate \"test copies\" in the office of new parts or products to ensure that everything is put together before going through the first complete process of building
Blow the prototype.
There is even a project that is designing open-
SOURCE schematic that can be used to print a new 3D printer!
Cheap, programmable electronic sprints are one thing, but you want this object to do something activelyxa0In many cases, in the big industry, the answer is to use embedded electronics and custom hardware, and to use a specially programmed microprocessor. controllers.
Impossible to doit-
Yes, of course not!
Whether you believe it or not, programmable, embedded hardware devices are within the budget of ordinary consumers!
The big star of the emerging market is a family of gadgets collectively referred to as \"Arduino.
Open source hardware-
If you have tools, talent, and inclination, you can download the schematic and make it yourself, or you can buy any model that suits your needs starting from under $20.
Then plug it into your home computer, download some free, open
SOURCE Software and start working.
If you don\'t know the first thing about an electronic product and don\'t care to write a line of code, it may not matter;
Chances are someone, somewhere in the loyal team of Arduino developers, has done what you want to do and posted how
Tos and program codes for the Internet.
The various Arduino projects recorded on the network are shocking: there are robots, weather stations, equipment to water your plants while you are away, remote
Motor control car
Detect \"silly-string\"-
Shoot pumpkin and laser harp.
One person posted a detailed description of turning the standard mower into something you can press the button to control when you relax on the lawn chair.
Slicing, cutting, grinding, cutting you still can\'t find cheap home laser cutting machines, but the routers, milling machines and lathes used by many amateurs are getting smarter and smarter.
Versions that accept 3D computer drawing files and carve raw materials into desired shapes are now within reach.
This makes-
In the absence of a wide range of special skills, the home creates complex wood or metal objects, and many files you may download and send to a 3D printer can also be sent to your factory.
The Internet is something that connects everything.
Thousands open
The source code design and project of the Instructables website are both related to Thingiverse;
Companies like Ponoko allow you to upload cheap 3D print schematics if you don\'t have the hardware yourself.
Technology has released open Arduino fans to build and share more and more powerful gadgets
SOURCE laptop design and serious enthusiasts show you how to build your own tools (
It can then be used to make more tools.
End the crazy spiral of tool manufacturing).
With the development of the online \"manufacturer\" community
Cost manufacturing increases as prices keep falling.
More broadly, the coffee cup example I used above played down the potential impact of this emerging technology family.
To illustrate some of the real opportunities offered, here are some possible or almost possible scenarios.
Somewhere in the Third World, a truck drove into a remote, impoverished village.
Laptop, portable generator and several computers on board
Controlled equipment listed above, as well as a collection of raw materials for processing.
Experts along the way assess the needs of villages;
The wells that locals drink are not healthy and they can use better systems to send irrigation to fields nearby that are trying to grow food.
They use satellite phones to download a schematic of the basic water treatment system from the AguaClara open source project at Cornell University, as well as other tools they may need.
Make a water purifier on site-
No waiting, no shipping, no customs clearance;
Also \"printed\" plastic pipes that meet the specific irrigation requirements of the town.
In a short period of time, the living standards in the village have been significantly improved and the trucks are driving at the next destination.
You can\'t seem to find the replacement mounting bracket for the AC generator on that classic car you \'ve been working on.
They stopped doing that part a few years ago, and the dump was clean.
Luckily, there is a solution for the local parts store
They download the schematic from the manufacturer, send it to the machine in the back room and tell you to come and get your new originalequipment-
Size bracket in an hour.
Or you download it and send it to a local \"print\" service with a reasonable price --
Or go to the mill in your garage! Local, on-
It turns out that in the case that the finished product does not require complex parts, the demand manufacturing can save costs
Assembly process.
It reduces the demand for a lot of inventory and reduces the cost of shipping as only raw materials need to move around
The final product was carefully made on site.
As a result, there are fewer tractors.
The trailer is packed with roads and you can finally get to work in less than an hour.
If you can forgive me. . . . .
Yoda bust is like having a schematic that I absolutely have to download and send to the 3D printing service.
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