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by:Lxshow     2020-07-26

While the process of using low level laser is not new, an approved home treatment is. Laser hair treatment has been used since 2000, but only in clinics and salons. It was a very expensive process and required repeated visits in order to see sustained results.

However, with the Hair Max LaserComb now available for personal use, you can use it in the comfort of your own home. This is truly cutting edge technology but at an affordable price. This product was listed in Time magazine as an Invention of the Year and has been featured on many television-news programs. But the laser hair brush also has the backing of years of research.

These clinical studies show that the laser hair brush helps promote improved growth, strength, thickness and even new regrowth. This is achieved through the use of 9 Beam Low Light Laser Technology. The laser hair treatment will stimulate the growth of follicles and helps increase the nutrient delivery to those follicles. The result is thicker, healthier hair. By making the follicle healthier, you are more likely to regrow hair that is less likely to break off as well.

The clinical results from 2006 showed that an incredible 93% of all users of the laser hair treatment had not only experienced a regrowth of their hair, but stronger hair as well. The results show that the average user will regrow approximately 19 hairs per square centimeter. It is safe too, as there is no side effects reported either.

The laser hair treatment can help you regrow your hair. For most people, the loss of hair is embarrassing and can really diminish a person's self confidence. Instead of spending a fortune on lotions and creams, consider the laser hair brush. It is a one time purchase and has the research to back the exciting results. You no longer have to feel embarrassed for your hair loss.

The laser hair brush delivers results over time; there is no quick fix for regrowing hair. It is recommended that you use it three times a week for ten to fifteen minutes. That's it. Many report that the treatment is soothing; others say it's rejuvenating. All report no discomfort at all.

Almost half of all users report seeing visible results by week eight when using this laser hair treatment. This includes new hair growth, thicker hair growth, and a reduction in the amount of hair loss. Most report that their hair is much more manageable, shinier, and healthier within just a few weeks of the first laser hair treatment.

As with any hair regrowth product, the key is to use the product as directed. The results will follow. Even the trained hair professionals have realized the implications of the LaserComb. The National Hair Journal named the LaserComb the Product of the Year. The reviews of the laser hair brush have been just as impressive.

If you suffer from hair loss, give the laser hair brush a try. It comes with a carry case, AC/DC adapter, an instructional DVD, and a one year warranty. It's a terrific value, especially for those people who have spent thousands on other hair growth products. This product can help you regrow your hair and improve your self confidence.

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If you suffer from hair loss, the laser hair brush can help you regrow your hair. Backed by clinical results, the laser hair treatment is now available for in home use.

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