On-line active feeding table of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-15

The online active part-time station of automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including the transportation field, the transportation field includes the frame, the transmission structure, the transmission layout includes several transmission units and the chain that mobilizes each transmission unit to roll, in the transportation field The side is equipped with a tension adjustment mechanism that adjusts the tension of the chain. The energy mechanism on the conveying table drives the transmission mechanism to convey the materials. At one end of the conveying area, a pneumatic gripping roller is equipped with a negotiation stopper positioning wheel mechanism. . This discovery has a simple layout and a reasonable plan, which can avoid stuttering, reduce the conflict of the board, reduce noise, and repair the old cost at the same time.

The sliding assembly of automatic fiber laser cutting machine, which is beneficial to loading, affects the technical field of automatic fiber laser cutting machine. The new model for this application includes a geometric base. The geometric base does not change its appearance and there is a geometrically constant bracket, and the geometrically constant bracket slides continuously with a geometric sliding bracket. When the sliding bracket does not change its appearance, there is a geometric sliding assembly. The sliding assembly includes Assemble the shell, the outer appearance of the assembled shell continues to roll with balls, the inner and outer appearance of the assembled shell does not change, and there is continuous geometric sliding rail. The inner and outer appearance of the assembled shell experience the sliding of the sliding rail and continue to drop together. The fiber laser cutting machine can perform rapid movement and arrangement during feeding. The meshed diffusion layout of the geometric sliding assembly makes the bottom surface of the metal plate evenly stressed, avoiding the bending of the metal plate under the influence of gravity during transportation, and it automatically drops. The difficulty of loading the fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of saving time and effort.

Easy to protect the automatic fiber laser cutting machine with cutting wheel anti-cutting assembly, including a base, adjustable protective seat layout, sliding adjusting seat layout, can be raised and lowered without changing the disk layout, Sustaining column, stabilizing piece, supporting foot, non-slip seat, connecting rod, buffer layer, storage box, box cover, grip rod, hook and opening ring. This is suitable for the configuration of new-style bracelets, limit plates, rectangular casings, adjustment bolts, protective plates and survey plates, which is beneficial to increase the protection results and prevent the cutting wheel from scratching the workers’ skin; straight rods, sliders, and annular chutes are not Changing the bolts, the configuration of the seat and the support, is beneficial to adjust the protection angle of the protective plate, and increase the applicability of the assembly; the configuration of the swivel, the continuous plate, the telescopic rod, the sleeve, the bolt and the suction cup is beneficial to the change The bottom of the assembly increases the stability.

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