Object dimensions are very important, particularly

by:Lxshow     2020-07-31

These precision devices allow you to match the structure of the actual object with its 3D model. Try to imagine an armature with a steel ball component at the end that will be fitted to a steel socket attached to another frame, assuming the function of these two components is to be able to move freely in every direction. Now, try to visualize that there is a small bump on the ball and you will definitely have an idea of what is going to happen next. It either will get stuck, or will cause the steel socket to expand with continued operation, both detrimental to the intended function of the components. This is why laser measurement devices are needed to obtain accurate dimensions, as well as precise distance between components.

Laser measurement devices can accurately determine if the actual object is a near-perfect match of the 3D model. The measurement data obtained is vital especially in the first article inspection process where the decision, whether or not to start mass production, depends on.

The laser measurement device can also help you determine the imperfection tolerance rate of a component during the first article inspection phase. Any slight flaw in the finished component can be fed back into the computer and applied to the 3D model, then, a simulation of its operation is ran. The tolerance rate is then set if the simulation proved that the imperfection is negligible.

These precision instruments are also used to see whether there are any misalignments between different components of a finished product. A Classic example of this is in the automobile industry where inspectors use a laser measurement device to see whether your under-chassis is aligned with the car's body. This allows you to perform mechanical adjustments to ensure a smooth operation.

The correct measurement of a product is very important especially if it will work in conjunction with another component. A laser measurement device can greatly help on this aspect. The information generated by this precision instrument would give you the chance to determine on what step to take next.

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