Numerical control application practice of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-28

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine is a few models of GSI and Kewei products. The environment trend is increasing rapidly. It is only like the statistics of Oka Control's customers. In 2009, the control method grades the laser power, and the user only has to set it beforehand. Every two years, the CNC sales of fully automatic fiber laser cutting machines have increased by more than 300%. Typical automatic fiber laser cutting machines for optical fiber or fiber conduction include Apache from the United States, GSI from the United Kingdom, and Tongyi Zhongke. Typical automatic fiber laser cutting machines for gas include Nanjing Dongfang and Wuhan Keweijing. This is a summary of the actual use of CNC-controlled automatic fiber laser cutting machines in recent years.

1. Power control plan

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine generally has imitation power adjustment and pulse power adjustment. GSI adopts the former, Apache adopts the connection of the two, and Dongfang and Kewei correspond to individual position control. The sub-program or pulse frequency. The analog quantity power adjustment examples are generally 0~10VDC, and the numerical control must integrate an analog quantity channel. The pulse power adjustment generally accepts 24V pulses, and the general use frequency is limited to 0—lkHz, and the high-end use frequency request is probably as high as 20kHz, depending on the function of the different automatic fiber laser cutting machine. The output of 0~JkHz can be completed by the general digital output point of PLC. Regarding the high pulse sequence, an extra pulse output port or PWM control port must be used. In the Apache fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine, the pulse sequence is used to control its machine shutter. 0~lkHz can basically satisfy the request. Regardless of the amount of imitation or pulse power adjustment, they must at least be controlled by CNC parameter configuration and PLC , Regarding higher-end applications, it is probably controlled by the numerical control method, which dynamically adjusts the laser power when the method is implemented. Therefore, many control systems adopt external PLC to complete the laser dynamic and static power adjustment, which is inevitable.

2. Corner control plan

Automatic fiber laser cutting machine has three major influences on the corner quality: ①Power control, see the previous section. ② Speed u200bu200bcontrol, it is important to manage the stability of the transmission/drive system during planning and commissioning. ③ Transition method. The first two components have been discussed in this journal in the past. The corner transition is the core of the discussion in this section.

General transition methods include sharp transition and naughty transition. After all, sharp transitions have a rate of decline or even subsidence at the corners, which can easily cause overburn, which puts forward higher requirements for power regulation. The naughty transition is that the CNC actively inserts a small arc at the corner tip, which is spared the speed change and overburn, but the corner will not be sharp.

End users are often expected to be able to easily select the transition method according to their needs. As a fully automatic fiber laser cutting machine, CNC must be able to allow operators or process staff to experience nesting software or CNC parameters to interfere with these three corner components to achieve better corner quality. The high-end automatic fiber laser cutting machine numerical control requests to actively adjust the speed and power of the corner area according to the thickness and material of the corner. For example, the CNC laser of Germany TongQuai Laser developed this kind of intelligent cutting process.

3. A high degree of mastery of the plan

J, the quality of the high-level tracking simply affects the quality and compliance of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine. The principle of the laser height adjuster is the capacitance adjustment. However, this capacitor height adjustment technology is very different from the application in oxygen flame cutting. The capacitance adjustment used in laser welding and cutting, the most demanding weak light identification, nonlinear light curve calibration, temperature compensation, corresponding compensation and other functions, it is an ancient imitation/digital circuit that cannot be adjusted with oxygen flame capacitors Finished.

In the system integration, how this expensive external height tracker can seamlessly cooperate with CNC will be difficult: the complete integration of the external height controller into the CNC can control the complicated perforation point process, corner control, Leapfrogging, the completion of compensation for burns, etc. have become approximate. However, many of the serious post-light signal sanctions of the external height controller have to be borne by the numerical control. In these aspects, the numerical control requires the second development after the test and explanation of the characteristics of the external height controller, and its function is often less colorful. The TNC200LE of Rugang Controls uses LaserMech height controller at 30. Under the premise of climbing, it can achieve a tracking rate of 10-12m/min, and it can reach about 70u/o-80% of the characteristics of the external height controller, which is a higher one in the industry. Reduce the walking time of machine assembly.

(4) Small line segment optimization technology InteGNPS can not only fit complicated small line segments (such as splines, ellipses, gears, curves, etc.) when drawing, or proactively re-apply when programming Optimize, use straight line or arc optimization within the given accuracy limit to make the line segment less and the French shorter, prevent the cutting machine from delaying and shaking frequently, so as to ensure the cutting quality while accepting faster cutting as much as possible rate.

(5) Optimized lead-in technology. When programming with InteGNPS, the deflection, length and angle of the perforated lead will be actively adjusted. If the lead is too long, it will automatically shrink the lead. Perforate the slits that have been cut to complete the rapid perforation.

(6) Active delay function of small arcs In order to prevent the high-speed plasma cutting of small circles (or arcs cause the circle or arc not to be round, InteGNPS can actively delay the small arcs according to the different radius. Adopting different cutting speeds, so as to ensure the cutting quality while adopting the fastest cutting speed.

4. Conclusion

To sum up, the automatic fiber laser The quality of the cutting machine nesting and programming technology promotes the function of high-speed CNC cutting equipment. It can be summarized in four sentences, that is, more parts are cut in the same plate size; similar to the cutting mission, cutting more Fast; the same cutting equipment cuts better; the same cutting technique cuts more economically. In general, it is the four words 'more, fast, good, and economic.'

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