Nozzle burnout type cutting head special for laser fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-22

An anti-nozzle burn-out cutting head dedicated to an automatic fiber laser cutting machine, comprising an output mirror, a constant mounting plate and a total reflection mirror, the total reflection mirror being arranged above the cutting head cover layer, and the cutting head cover A storage battery is arranged on the inner and upper part of the layer, the unchanging installation board is arranged on the rear appearance of the cutting headgear layer, the upper right side of the cutting headgear layer is close to the upper position of the unchanging installation board is arranged with a water outlet, the output mirror is arranged Under the cutting headgear layer. Compared with the existing technology, the advantageous result of this new type of application is: the layout of the high-power cutting head dedicated to the automatic fiber laser cutting machine is scientific and reasonable, the application is safe and convenient, and the battery can escape the question of the destruction of the gas-insulated electrode and the nozzle due to the power failure of the solenoid valve In addition, a primary fiber coating layer is arranged outside the core of the laser diode to improve the coupling between the pump and the fiber, thereby increasing the power of the laser diode and accelerating the rate of cutting thick plates.

A gantry interchangeable automatic fiber laser cutting machine, in detail, it is a gantry interchangeable automatic fiber laser cutting machine excited baldness adjustment mechanism, belonging to an automatic fiber laser cutting machine Technology platform. It includes a horizontal arm, a movable base, a degree adjustment mechanism, a sliding seat, a placement base, a placement seat, a vertical adjustment machine and a fiber laser cutting head. A degree adjustment mechanism is set between the movable base and the cross arm, and the side of the movable base is welded to the upper part of the sliding seat. Side; the side of the sliding seat undergoes continuous bolt placement of the bottom plate, the side of the placement bottom plate is provided with a second linear slide along the vertical deflection, and the second linear slide is continuously slid on the placement seat, and the fiber laser cutting head remains unchanged on the placement seat; the placement of the bottom plate and There is a vertical adjustment mechanism between the placement seats. This is a new part-time job that is reliable and reliable, and the adjustment is convenient and fast; it can maintain the constant cutting distance between the cutting head and the workpiece appearance when the cutting machine stimulates the bald cutting, so that the laser cutting head is more accurate when processing parts, and guarantees the quality of the processed parts.

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