New type supporting device of automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-16

A new type of supporting assembly for automatic fiber laser cutting machine. The cutting area of u200bu200bthe part-time table is equipped with a geometric row of tooth-shaped supporting supports. The geometric supporting rollers that are effective in conveying the plates are set in the same direction as the supporting supports. The supporting roller is continuously pneumatically raised and lowered and assembled. The plane of the part-time table is also equipped with balls with a geometric height higher than the supporting support. Every 20cm interval on the supporting roller is provided with a non-slip pattern along the circumference of the supporting roller. The advantages of this new style are shown in: the anti-skid pattern on the supporting roller can increase the conflict force between the plate and the supporting roller, ensuring the rapid speed and feeding of the plate during the cutting process; the configuration on both sides of the supporting roller The slot hole used to adjust the position of the lateral movement can prevent the permanent software from causing the excessive lateral movement of the supporting roller, which affects the normal feeding of the plate.

Compared with other cutting machines, the automatic fiber laser cutting machine has a series of advantages such as better beam quality, higher optical software rate, consolidated output power, strong compliance with the situation, and small size. This article explains the structure and software of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, and provides a reference for the selection of equipment for processing products. There are new products that can completely replace solid-state lasers. The automatic fiber laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy and is suitable for the cutting of tight fittings and the sophisticated cutting of various craft characters and pictures. The cutting rate is fast, which is more than 100 times that of wire cutting. The heat-affected area is small, the function is consolidated, it is guaranteed to be manufactured continuously, it is not easy to be deformed, the slit is flat and elegant, and there is no need for subsequent disposal.

A multi-function protective window for automatic fiber laser cutting machine, which is placed on the front side of the laser cutting machine. The upper edge of the protective window goes through the button to continue the laser cutting machine body, and the protective window It includes a window frame and a transparent survey window inlaid on the window frame. The lower part of the window frame is welded with a protective plate, the bottom end of the protective plate is provided with a notch, and the front end of the notch is provided with a lock that is effective for locking the protective window. The benefits of this new model are: set the protective window to be openable. When the cutting machine finds doubts and needs to be repaired, you can simply open the protective window for repair, which greatly facilitates part-time staff.

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