New high-speed and high-acceleration beam device for automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-16

A new high-speed and high-speed beam assembly of an automatic fiber laser cutting machine has experienced a left skewed surface on the left and a right skewed surface on the right. The left skewed surface and the right skewed surface create a triangular or trapezoidal support beam Layout, the weight is 50-60Kg lighter than the ancient rectangular layout model. It completes the lightweight and high-rigidity beam layout. At the same time, the center of gravity is lower than the rectangular center of gravity. The low-gravity and high-rigidity beam layout can suffer from high dynamic and static functions and high rigidity of motion. Move quickly and still maintain planning accuracy. It can cut complex workpieces at high speed, and when the supporting beam is placed on the drag chain, the drag chain lies on the hypotenuse. When the drag chain is accelerated at high speed, the drag chain and optical fiber will not be broken due to inertia and the drag chain will not wear out.

An automatic fiber laser cutting machine with high cutting accuracy, including an assembly main body, a main cabinet and a top cover of a part-time table. Its characteristic is that the main assembly is equipped with a main cabinet at the bottom of the main body. , The main cabinet and the assembly body remain unchanged, the center of the assembly body is equipped with filter glass, the filter glass and the assembly body are nested continuously, the center of the assembly body is equipped with a rubber pad, and the rubber pad and the assembly body remain unchanged. The top is equipped with a part-time table top cover, the part-time table top cover and the assembly body remain unchanged, equipped with a fiber laser, the machine occupies a small area, the laser light source and the cooling system are also smaller; there is no laser gas pipeline, and no adjustment is required The lens has a faster speed, lower energy consumption, and less impact on the situation. When reaching the camera function, the overall energy consumption of the fiber laser is 70% lower than that of the CO2 laser, which is suitable for high-precision automatic fiber laser cutting The application of the machine has a broad application prospect in the future.

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