More efficient and intelligent laser processing fiber laser cutting machine development trend

by:Lxshow     2021-05-22

Nowadays, fiber laser cutting machine processing has once become a frequently used technology in the processing platform, especially when the tide of intelligent production arrives, which will increase the energy for the rapid development of 7 laser processing. How to use automated methods and intelligent processing modes to better support user optimization -r: The art process is lower and the cost is higher and the obedience is advanced~/JDT production is a topic facing the current laser processing platform. The processing environment of fiber laser cutting machines is becoming more and more mature, and easily quantified targets such as speed and accuracy have no longer been used as targets that cause competition between laser processing equipment. Nowadays, people pay more attention to higher technical aspects such as automation and efficiency. This was fully demonstrated by N7 at the recent foreign panel hnT technology expo. What began to show was the need for automation, such as the core position, the factors that help the gas and the pressure and other parameters can be set through the calendar, the active centering of the mouth, the inspection of perforation, the monitoring of lens damage and other help functions.

From the perspective of automation, in this issue, we will explain ByTransExtended. Under its sponsorship, even if the automated production fails, the operators can participate in thousands of advances and continuous production at any time, making the production process reliable and naive. The fiber laser cutting machine has also greatly increased the need for application automation. Fully active high and low material processing procedures expand the latent function of the machine tool. In addition, the second reason for the promotion of automated equipment is that customers are expected to reduce their order production time, and even better, they only need to press a button to start cutting.

Fiber laser cutting machine processing not only revolutionizes the hardware, but also masters the technology and software to complete the response. In this issue. The Observer (long-distance monitoring) from Bystronic connects users with BySpriatFiber to experience the internet-enabled terminal equipment, which can call up the production process information on BySprintFiber anytime and anywhere, which can reduce the out-of-decision shutdown and the deviation from the planned production time. . In addition, when it comes to sheet metal processing software, you have to mention U Bystronic's powerful cutting and bending programming software BySoft7, which makes the old questions and intelligent processing questions of the sheet metal processing platform natural. Other products of the same kind come from TruTopsBoost, a new program of innovative planning and programming, which spans all steps from order to programming and simplifies the ancient process. Be able to actively identify the parts in the order and complete a more optimized layout. The speed competition of the fiber laser cutting machine can come to an end for the time being, and we are looking for a more automated technical aspect of de-compliance processing. From the competition of similar layout and different construction to the competition of different technical concepts and technical approaches. Relying on the high obedience of the initiative, the innocent pursuit of lowering the initial equipment investment no longer appears sensible, and the viewpoint of lowering the overall generalization and processing the old capital has gradually become clear.

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