Micro Laser Peel is another addition to the anti-aging

by:Lxshow     2020-07-28

What is Micro Laser Peel?

It treats skin by accurately removing external layers of the skin as well as fine lines, keratoses (sometimes termed as pre-cancerous lesions), scars, too much pigmentation, wrinkles and sun damage resulting to a whole new fresh looking skin. This procedure is specific according to the client's needs and goals of renewal. This procedure obtains a balance of microdermabrasion and deep peels in order to work perfectly and accurately in treatment of skin conditions related to aging and active routine.

How long will the effects of Micro Laser Peel last?

Results of Micro Laser Peel can last at around 6 months to one year with follow up treatments as needed making your skin more vibrant, revitalized, smooth and healthy. Three to four sessions can achieve best results but still depends on your doctor's call.

How long will be the recovery process after the procedure?

The recovery process depends on each individual case. However, in general, it usually takes to about two to four days. After the procedure, you will need to wear ointments to protect your skin from exposure to air while your skin is growing new layers of epithelium.

Are you tired of looking like you are 10 years older than your age? If you want to feel young and look young at the same time, Micro Laser Peel is the right solution for you. Call an expert now or visit http://www.islandlaser.com and see for yourself how Micro Laser Peel will assist you in making you look younger and feel younger.

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