Metal fabrication is very much essential if you

by:Lxshow     2020-07-01
Understanding the Tube Bending Process Tube bending has a very important role to play in our modern day lives. There are a variety of things that would not have existed without the use of this technique. Whether it is bicycle rack or a railing in a park or the fencing in a car park, all these applications need bending. This technique is so common that quite often we miss it completely even though it is present in front of our eyes. The tube bending process requires technical expertise since the bends have to be customized according to client requirements. Further, only an expert can make a bend withstand rough handling and still retain its strength without any damages. Bending is not meant only for getting cylindrical shapes, it is also used for delivering triangles, squares and other shapes based on the application and its use. What is Press Brake Forming? Press Brake Forming involves a process wherein a sheet metal is placed on an open die and then pressed down by a punch operated by a machine known as a press brake. In fact, press brake forming is very commonly used for designing narrow and long parts which cannot be adapted for press forming. In fact you do a variety of operations like lancing, beading, embossing, wiring, flanging, corrugating, straightening, blanking, shearing, flattening, piercing, etc with a press brake. Understanding Laser Cutting Laser cutting refers to a technique that involves computer control to cut or bend sheet metal components. This technique helps in not just cutting metals but also give them a very good finish within a short period. Laser cutting is of four different kinds that include Neodymium, Carbon dioxide and laser micro jet. These techniques are used for a wide range of applications that involve cutting, boring, trimming, engraving, etc.
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