Matters needing attention in automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-25

The content of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine needs special attention, and the user must follow and implement it, otherwise it may cause errors or more serious problems. Paying attention to the prompt content, reminding the user to pay attention or suggesting the user to follow the implementation, can bring more convenient or faster operation. It is reminded that operations without the guidance of specialized personnel for a particular situation may lead to catastrophic situations. Warning Ⅲ Safety precautions Before operating the equipment, the user must carefully read this manual and related operation manuals, strictly observe the operating procedures, and non-professionals are not allowed to start the machine. Note that this equipment uses four types of lasers (strong laser radiation), the laser radiation may cause the following accidents: the flammable materials around the second combustion; the second laser processing process, due to different processing steps may produce other radiation and toxic , Harmful gas; Warning 2 Direct exposure of laser radiation can cause human injury. Therefore, the place where the sound is used must be dubbed fire-fighting equipment. It is strictly forbidden to stack flammable and explosive materials around the workbench and equipment. At the same time, it must be well ventilated. Non-professional operators are prohibited from approaching the equipment. Legal and regulatory requirements.

The automatic fiber laser cutting machine prompts that laser processing may be risky, and users should carefully consider whether the processing is suitable for laser operations. There are high voltages or other potential dangers inside the laser equipment, and it is strictly prohibited for non-manufacturers to disassemble it. The machine and other associated sound settings must be safely grounded before it can be turned on. When the equipment is working, it is strictly forbidden to open any end cover. Zhejiang Huyun Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Fiber Laser Marking Machine Manual 0573HYGD Fiber Laser Marking Machine User Manual Installation and use of the product, please read the instructions for the first two times 1 Zhejiang Huyun Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Huyun Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Fiber Laser Marking Machine manual 0573 Thank you for using the Huyun Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. fiber laser marking machine! Please read this manual before using the fiber laser marking machine! Chapter Overview 1.1 Introduction to the fiber laser marking machine Laser marking machine uses a laser beam in the name A mark printed on the surface of a substance. The main effects of the laser marking machine are: 1. The deep layer of the target substance is exposed by the evaporation of the laser light energy on the surface of the target substance; 2. The required pattern text is 'carved' by the chemical and physical changes of the surface substance through the laser light energy; 3 , Part of the material can be burned off by laser light, so as to show the pattern and text that need to be etched. The fiber laser marking machine is mainly composed of: fiber laser, galvanometer (marking head), software control board, industrial control computer, chassis cabinet, and water platform for placing workpieces. 1.2 The working principle of the fiber laser marking machine is to use a fiber laser to generate laser light and use the fiber to export the laser light, and then cooperate with an optical high-speed scanning galvanometer to mark the workpiece. Its core component is a fiber laser.

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