Material gasification processing device used for automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-30

A material vaporization assembly for automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including cutting area, cutting area is equipped with a cutting seat, the top of the cutting seat is equipped with an invariant frame, the inner top of the invariant frame and one end of the robot arm Unchanged, the other end of the robot arm is continuous with the fiber laser cutting head. Both sides of the cutting seat are equipped with a shell. The opening of the shell absorbs the electric fan. The shell is connected with one end of the continuous tube, and the other end of the continuous tube is connected with The air inlet of the suction pump is continuous. The air suction pump is arranged in the upper part of the box. The air outlet of the air suction pump is connected to the inside of the box. The upper part of the box is equipped with a water spray pipe. The water spray pipe and the suction pump are continuous. On the upper part of the water tank, the sprinkler pipe is connected with the sprinkler, the sprinkler is located above the suction pump, and the bottom of the tank is equipped with a waste water storage drawer. This discovery can facilitate the extraction of gasification materials and complete the purchase of materials, ensuring the normal use of equipment, and effectively saving resources.

A double-head automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including: a base, a laser invariable plate is arranged in the center of the base, and a support is provided on the laser invariant plate Column, the supporting column adopts a cylindrical layout, a square tube is arranged above the supporting column, and the upper end of the square tube continues with a clamping piece. The upper end of the clamping piece is divided into a fixed first moon piece A and a constant first moon piece B. The upper end of the first moon piece B is not changed with a laser body, and a laser generator is configured in the laser body. A double-head automatic fiber laser cutting machine was discovered, which has a compact layout and can complete the workpieces of two moving water lines at the same time. Loading and cutting are convenient.

A high-speed and high-power automatic fiber laser cutting machine dust removal layout, there is an air duct on both sides of the laser cutting machine body, and the air duct is close to the cutting area of u200bu200bthe laser cutting machine A dust removal port is opened, and the air duct is provided with a square tube and a round tube, and the square tube undergoes continuous reinforcement ribs and a round tube, which can not only enhance the dust removal result of the air duct, but also enhance the strength and rigidity of the bed. The new application model has a simple layout, good applicability, and high level of automation. At the same time, it reduces the rate of contamination of the cutting head, reduces the cost of application, and improves the environmental protection grade and application life of the machine tool.

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