Make your Valentines shine with colored foil

by:Lxshow     2020-03-13
Have you noticed anyone telling them how you feel with a handmade Valentine\'s Day card decorated with colored foil.
The application foil can lift the simplest heart shape to a special shape, but according to the skills and supplies involved, it is not so simple to make it stick together.
While I found instructions for more than six ways to decorate cards with foil, I narrowed them down to three ways
Double sided adhesive, formwork and laminating Press.
Luckily, I found production coach Jennifer McGuire, who tested all of this and shared her results in a post on the blog and the accompanying video.
While she actually tested five methods, I skipped the techniques that involved rubber stamp and tape.
All three of the methods I tried started with thin foil.
I purchased various packaging made by ThermoWeb
But from there, they are different in complexity.
Instead of designing it myself, I downloaded the free printable Valentine\'s Day gift from Design brainal.
Here\'s what I found out, the ratings for each method are from 1 to 10, 10 indicating the cheapest, easiest and best results: templates: This technique involves placing a template on a card, spray with a transparent adhesive.
After the template is removed, the foil is painted in color-
Side up, rub with a polishing tool or butter knife.
The foil sticks to the design when stripping the paper.
The first drawback of this approach is the limited availability of template design.
I bought a pack of holidays-
Templates with Martha Stewart as the theme, but it turns out that they are too small for this purpose.
I could use my digital cutter to cut out a template from the plastic transparent paper, but then I found the second drawback: the foil didn\'t stick very well.
It\'s not a solid heart shape, it\'s more of a splattered and worn look.
It may be perfect if you want a sense of country, but overall, the result is not impressive.
Cost: 7 Easy: 6 results: 4-—DOUBLE-
Double sided adhesive: The second method looks less messy and simpler: cut out a shape with double sided tape
Stick it to the card, cover it with foil, then rub to stick the foil to the shape.
I have high hopes for this technology because I think I can cut more complex designs with my digital cutting machine than the template method.
But I find it difficult to cut the shape cleanly and it is easy to perform with only basic heart proof.
Of course, the tutorial uses a mold
Instead, it may work better.
However, once the shape is cut off, the foil is indeed better than the spray glue.
I\'m not dead-
Cutting machine, but I can see that I have to use this technique to make some larger paper punch for the polkadot designs.
Cost: 7 Easy: 5 results: 7-—
Laminating machine: the third technology is by far the simplest and most impressive, but also involves the largest potential investment.
For this method, you will need to access the laser printer or the copier and the laminating machine.
Once the design is printed on the card, all you need to do is cover the card with foil, fold a blank copy paper around the card, and send it through a layer Press.
Whatever is printed on the card, the foil will stick to it.
I bought a laminating machine for less than $30 and considering the results, I think it is very worth it.
Unlike other methods, you can easily implement complex designs, including text
Anything you can print can be covered with foil.
When I keep it simple
Color design, it would be interesting to try to place foil only on a part of the design or use multiple colors.
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