Loading and unloading cantilever used for laser automatic fiber laser cutting machine

by:Lxshow     2021-05-20

High and low material cantilever for automatic fiber laser cutting machine, including suction cup insert frame, cantilever, column, material truck and product car; suction cup insert frame includes suction cup insert frame main body, suction cup placement aluminum profile, suction cup insertion frame placement main board, Pneumatic suction cup, distinguishing plate components, pneumatic control components; cantilever includes cantilever body, high and low action placement plate, cantilever body placement piece, continuous chain transition piece, high and low action guide slider, cantilever torsion spindle, cantilever high and low action chain placement block, servo Drive components and machine transmission components; the column includes the column body, the cable drag chain, the high and low motion linear guide and the high and low transmission components; the raw material truck contains the raw material vehicle body and the raw material vehicle drive components, and the product vehicle contains the product vehicle body and the product vehicle drive components. This discovery has undergone the transmission of electrical layout and machine layout to complete the full active height and low material of the automatic fiber laser cutting machine, thereby greatly improving manufacturing compliance and preventing safety hazards.

An automatic fiber laser cutting machine with waste removal function for pipe cutting, which includes a bed and a cutting mechanism; the bed is provided with a chuck and a second card The pipe is clamped between the chuck and the second chuck; the chuck includes at least two jaws and a water pipe for cooling the slag in the pipe; the water pipe is telescopically arranged at the Between the claws and lead into the inner cavity of the pipe. This new type of application is equipped with a water pipe in the chuck. When cutting, the cooling water is passed through the pipe through the water pipe, so that the slag generated during cutting is cooled and does not adhere to the pipe, which improves the product rate of the pipe; at the same time, it is also spared. The later sanctions are improved, and the laser cutting process is simplified. In addition, the layout of the book is simple in the new style, the old cost is low, and it is easy to complete.

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