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Laser marking systems are now days used by almost

by:Lxshow     2020-05-25
Though laser marking system is a permanent marking process it will stands against wiping, wear and tear and scuffing. If you need to remove the laser marking prints once it needs to remove the surface or grinding. In order to do the marking process there are a number of different laser marking machines are available in the market with superior marking quality. For instance a fiber laser marking machine is used for doing laser printings and embroideries in different styles and form. The main advantage of using these entire machines is that it is quite easy to install and use also will get a high accurate printing output. Pad Printing Services is yet another type of printing process which uses an indirect offset printing process. In this printing process we ca transform an image in the 2D format to a 3D object. There are manly three types of pad printing services, often the three methods are using a flexible silicone rubber pad to pick up a film link from the photo etched printing plate to a 3D object. Many industries such as medical, automotive, electronics, apparel, toys manufacturing, sports equipments etc are using this technology or printing service. This silicone pad has a unique property that enables the pad to pick the image from the flat plane to different types surfaces including cylindrical, spherical or even flat too. Also for multi color printing, decoration on the surface of a wide range of metals it uses separate pads together. Ultrasonic welding is an industrial welding technique in which high- frequency ultrasonic vibrations are applied for joining dissimilar materials and other like metal or plastics under high pressure. So obviously an ultrasonic welding machine uses high frequency mechanical vibrations and pressures to quickly melt a material in to solid state. Compared to other welding process by using heat to melt and weld plastics, ultrasonic welding has many advantages. Ultrasonic hand guns, ultrasonic actuator heads in automation process, bench-top integrated ultrasonic welders etc are some examples of such machines. Hot stamping machines are used for highest quality reproduction of an imprint or for hot stamping catalogs, greeting cards, paper box etc.
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