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Laser Marking Stainless Steel

by:Lxshow     2020-03-09
I made this @ Techshop with laser cutter @ Techshop Chandler and I can personalize my own drink bottle.
I customized it with my name and the logo of the employer.
It was smart, I took it to work the first day and everyone wanted one.
Cermark is designed to mark metal using a laser cutter, but it is very expensive.
My research found that someone has a cheaper option.
A can of CRC dry Moley lubricants is about $13, while Cermark is about $60.
I think it\'s worth a try.
Using a digital card clamp, I found that the circumference of the water bottle is diameter * Pi (3. 14).
This is needed to design the right graphics and set up the laser rotation tool.
Tape anywhere you don\'t want the dry Moley lubricant to touch.
Then spend at least 3 or even coats.
It dries fast, so it won\'t take a long time between coats.
Set up the laser machine for \"laser mark stainless steel.
Techshop Chandler has a universal laser system of 40 W laser.
ULS software has presets for laser marking metals.
I do find that you might want to cut your power by half and run twice.
My bottle did twist a little bit due to the laser heating.
When the laser is finished, remove and clean the bottle with isoalcohol, which will remove the remaining coating.
Tip: The Magic Eraser can remove the coating very well.
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