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laser marking of ecc 200 2d matrix codes on printed circuit boards

by:Lxshow     2020-03-03
From home audio equipment to car keyless access systems, electronic equipment manufacturers are increasingly seeking a reliable, cost-effective approach that uniquely identifies and
Verification of sales warranty.
Automatic automatic tracking system requires a permanent machine
The readable code is applied to the internal printed circuit board to uniquely identify each product.
The code must be durable enough to survive the manufacturing process including wave soldering and circuit board cleaning without affecting circuit performance and must store the information in real-
Printed circuit board with real estate awareness.
The 2D matrix code provides a way to store alphanumeric strings in very small areas of the printed circuit board.
Laser marking technology provides a way to permanently apply 2D matrix codes to most board substrates. The high-
High resolution
Beam accuracy-
Regardless of the size of the code, the steering laser marking system provides a way to create well-defined, highly reliable code.
Laser Marking also provides users with a computer.
A controlled marking process that is easy to implement in an automated product tracking system.
ECC 200 2D matrix CodesTwo-
Dimension symbols encode information in the form of a board mode of an on/off cell.
Compared with the traditional 1D barcode, the specific advantages of the data matrix code include: digital coding information, rather than analog coding data in the traditional barcode.
Can hold low
Contrast printing directly on parts without labels, providing a very high density of information-
This is the highest in other common 2D codes, which means you can place a lot of information in a very small area.
They are scalable, which means you can print them and read them in different magnification
Limited only by the resolution of available printing and imaging technologies.
Due to the high information density inherent in the data matrix code, they also provide built-inin error-
Correction technology, which allows full recovery of messages encoded in data matrix symbols, even if the mark is damaged and as many as 20% of the symbols are lost.
Cameras read them instead of scanning laser beams used to read traditional barcodes, which means they can be read in any direction.
ECC 200 data matrix is the most popular 2-
D symbols widely used in automotive, aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, medical devices and other manufacturing sectors-
Level traceability application.
The data matrix code generally does not replace the traditional linear bar code, but is used when the traditional bar code is too large to provide enough storage capacity or is not readable.
Data Matrix code structure 2D matrix code is displayed as a \"board\" with a single square \"(cells)
Whether it\'s on (white)or off (black)state.
The code consists of four different elements.
The Finder \"L\" mode consists of a row of solid cells along the left edge and bottom of the code that directs the reader to the layout of the 2D code.
The clock track is a series of on/off cells along the right edge of the code and at the top that specify the row/column count of the reader.
The data area is the black and white cell mode in L mode, and the clock track contains the alphanumeric content of the code.
The quiet area around the code must have no features that readers may see.
For code constructed by square cells, the quiet area should have at least two rows/column widths.
For code constructed by a circular cell, the quiet area should be at least four rows/columns wide (dots).
ECC 200 data matrix code can store up to 3,116 digits, 2,335 alphanumeric characters, or 1,555 bytes of binary information in 144 columns through a 144-row array.
The more realistic symbol size of the printed circuit board can still contain a lot of information.
The laser marking system is composed of laser source and beam-
Plastic optics and beams-Steering system.
Laser is an optical amplifier that produces a bright, co-focused beam at a specific wavelength.
Most users choose Air for FR4 and welding shield applications-
Cooling CO2 laser operating at 10,640 nm-
Infrared wavelength.
This laser has a variety of performance and cost advantages, and can produce excellent marking results.
Through two beams-
Mounted to a high deflection mirrorspeed, high-
Precision mirror.
When the mirror rotates in the direction of the system computer, the laser beam scans the target marking surface to \"draw\" the desired marking image.
When the laser is deflected from the beam-
Steering mirror, which focuses on as small a position as possible through a plane
Field focus optics. The flat-
Field focus component is more than one
Element optics for keeping the focal plane of the focused laser beam on a relatively flat plane throughout the marking field.
The focused laser significantly improves the power density and associated marking power.
The function of the laser optical train is to focus the laser to a small point and scan the laser on the target surface at high speed and accurate speed.
In the CO2 laser configuration, the focus spot diameter and the relevant marking line width are about 0. 0035\" to 0. 004\". Man-
Readable text characters can be as small as 0.
040 \"and 2D matrix codes can be constructed from a single small to a single 0 feature. 004\" dot.
When the PCB marks the printed circuit board, the heat generated by the laser beam changes the surface of the board in heat to produce a clear mark of contrast.
The process does not require labels, templates, punches or any other auxiliary hardware or consumables.
Several different variants of this technology can be used for different board/coating materials and background conditions for printed circuit board applications.
Welding masks or other shape-preserving coatings on the FR4 board-
The laser beam can change the texture of the coating so that it has a lighter contrast appearance, or it can completely remove the coating to expose the underlying substrate or copper ground plane. Uncoated FR4-
The laser beam changes the texture of the FR4 surface to produce a near-white appearance. Â Silk-
Block of shielding ink-
For users who have screen printed Assembly identification or other fixed information on the board, silk-
The white ink block of the screen can be used as the background of the 2D matrix code to optimize readability.
When is this technology particularly helpful. . .
O the background color of the board is similar to the color of the laser mark.
O the underlying circuit vaguely marks the image to the reader.
O circuit board materials are not suitable for laser marking such as ceramic substrates.
Readability of 2D matrix code and verification of content is an important step in the overall quality plan.
After marking each circuit, the Reader verifies the integrity of the mark before indexing the laser marker head to the next marker location.
The reader retrieves the alphanumeric text string from the 2D code and compares it to the text string to be marked.
The reader also evaluates the easy legi of the code based on various parameters, including foreground/background contrast, geometric accuracy (
Skew, founder, etc. )
And the dimensional accuracy of the marked and unmarked cells.
Then classify the 2D matrix code as passed (green), warned (yellow)or failed (red).
In order to improve the overall production efficiency, the laser system can be programmed to verify only a few QR codes selected on the panel, and then automatically switch to verify each code if the code is easy. Lower than the specified level.
Today\'s readers are doing a great job reading QR codes with lower contrast.
If the laser marking system is installed on the assembly line of the old 2D matrix reader downstream from the laser marking, the verification reader can be configured to evaluate the code based on the performance of the old downstream reader, to ensure consistent performance throughout the assembly process.
The typical printed circuit board Mark is a fully automatic SMEMA-
Meet the requirements, pass
Laser marking system for conveyor belt.
The overall productivity of laser marking consists of several steps that make up the marking cycle.
Mark a number of required stepsThe array panel is. . . 1.
Transport and positioning of panels in marked areas. 2.
Reference Position Detection (optional)3.
Marking of the First Circuit in Array4.
Verification of marked 2D matrix code (optional)5.
The laser marks the movement of the head towards the next circuit in the array. 6.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining circuits in the array. 7.
Remove the panel from the laser marking system (
Synonym for bringing the next panel in)
Operating costs are well below $1. 00 per hour.
Typical utility requirements are 110VAC, 1-phase, 12A.
Compressed air source is required for pneumatic.
Total cost of utilities under maximum laser power (
Actually, the laser should work under the rated power of less than 80%)are $0. 12 per hour.
The main consumables are CO2 laser tubes that must be replaced every 3 to 5 years at a cost typically $1,000. 00 to $1,500. 00. Assuming a 40-
Working hours per week and 3 years of pipe life, the cost of replacing the pipe is equivalent to $0.
$18 per hour with a total operating cost of $0.
30 per hour in the worst case.
Due to lower than the maximum electrical usage and longer pipeline life, the actual operating costs will be reduced.
For a typical pcb laser marking application, the marking cost is less than $0.
Each circuit 0003
Abstract: The electronics industry has been looking for a cost-effective and technically effective way to apply machines.
Readable code for printed circuit boards since the 1980s.
Early attempts include laser marking of linear barcodes at the edge of the board, a daunting challenge for reader calibration, marking linear barcodes next to circuit traces, which is also a challenge for barcode readers.
Bar code content is limited to several characters due to limited spaceper-inch capacity.
Development of 2D matrix code combining beam resolution, persistence and speed
Steering laser marking technology now provides manufacturers with reliable and economical
Effective, flexible and verifiable way to uniquely identify each product through production, distribution and after-sales servicesale.
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