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Laser Lipo or more importantly non invasive laser

by:Lxshow     2020-05-19
Before we move on, let's just look at some of the different types of 'instant' weight loss treatments available. Non surgical lipo vs traditional surgical liposuction Surgical lipo can be risky in several ways: 1. Due to the skin being cut to perform the procedure, there is a always an inherent risk of infection in the incision area. Without immediate medical care to infected area, it can spread quickly to other areas of the body leading to complications and in extreme cases, death. 2. Surgical liposuction is usually performed under general anaesthesia, which also has risks attached. Common risks associated with general anaesthesia is pulmonary thromboembolism, or blood clots in the lungs. These two dangerous risks are why surgical lipo is sometimes referred to as the most dangerous plastic surgery procedure available. Indeed, those most at risk from blood clots are those with weight issues. A proper VTE risk assessment should be carried out by a trained VTE nurse prior to any surgical procedures being undertaken, as the risks are very high. Non surgical lipo is safe, pain free and does not have any of these risks associated with the treatment. Because there is no opening in the skin required with non surgical lipo, you eliminate the risks associated with cutting into the body. Because no general anesthetic is uses, you elimiate the risks assocaited with chemically putting people to sleep. Also, blood clots no longer a factor. How non surgical lipo works Known as 'Laser Lipo', this new non surgical lipo procedures involves the use of a specially designed lasers to rid the targeted area of fat. The treatment session is mostly performed in a quick 40 minute session, often in the comfort of a beauty salon rather than a surgery. What happens is cool paddles are attached to the skin's surface in the targeted area and held their with large elastic bands. The paddles emit a painless laser that instantly targets the fat cells, draining them. There is a simple reason that general anaesthesia is needed for the old surgical liposuction treatment. It's really painful. Yes, anaesthesia allows the treatment to be given without the patient feeling pain during the procedure. However, after the anaesthesia wears off, there can be a lot deal of pain for quite some time. With non surgical lipo, pain is no longer an issue that needs to be considered. Patients say they only feel a warm sensation where the paddles have been located. Crystal Medical has recently launched it's service in the USA and you can either buy a Laser lipo machine from their website for just $9,300, or yu can rent one for $325 pcm. They have a 24/7 tool free number and and more than 2000 products in their range. This is set to gorw over 2011 to 20,000 products. Anyway, take a look at Lumiuslim here. Don't forget to change the curreny to $ USD on the bottom right hand side of the page. Stephen Soos Crystal Medical Ltd http://www.crystalmedical.co.uk
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